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Live! This Saturday May 23 At Slippery Pig Brewery In Poulsbo WA

I’m singing some songs this Saturday at the Slippery Pig Brewery in Poulsbo WA, 8PM. ALL AGES. No cover.

Also performing, 11th Hour Orchestra! We’re going to have a good night.

Saturday May 23
The New Slippery Pig Brewery
18801 Front St, Poulsbo WA

See you soon!


B.B. King

The first band I was ever in was a Blues band, I played guitar, I didn’t sing. ‘Lazy Dog Blues Band’ was our name; the singer and I both worked at the same record shop. We both came from different musical roots, but we both LOVED blues music, so we decided to form a band. We would agonise over which songs to include in our set, but of course B.B. King had hold over the both of us, so we had to include one of his standards. I still occasionally throw ‘Rock Me Baby’ into my set because of B.B. King’s influence on me.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve already heard that B.B. King died; and I’m displeased with entropy, as usual. I’m glad I saw him live a couple of times, it was like higher education.

At least we have him recorded and his soul can still be heard forever, here’s a tremendous version of ‘Stormy Monday’, B.B. King showing us how it’s done:

This Weekend In Live Music! May 15 & 16

Hi! You could probably use some live music this weekend, and if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, I can help:

I’m performing at Mobster Mike’s in Bremerton on Friday, May 15, also singing will be Anna Gordon. 8PM. $5.

And then I’m singing some songs at Cafe Racer in Seattle on Saturday, May 16, Amy Bleu will be coming from Portland to delight our souls and ears. 8PM. So good.

See you soon!


Video: ‘Dark End Of The Street’

The great soul singer Percy Sledge died a few weeks ago and I added one of my favourite songs he used to sing to my own set list as a little tribute, ‘Dark End Of The Street’. We recorded a quick version on my iPhone if you want to check it out:



Tonight, Live At Blakeslee’s In Forks WA!


I’m having a cup of tea and a doughnut waiting for my ferry; I’m on a little road trip to Forks WA for a show at Blakeslee’s at 7PM. All Ages.  

I’m leaving early because we’re heading to the coast first, I’ve heard it’s lovely around there. 

See you soon!


Doubleheader Wednesday!

Today I have a doubleheader! I don’t really know what a deoubleheader is since I don’t watch baseball, but I really hope it means something that can also mean I have two shows today…

At 8PM, I’m hosting a singer-songwriter night at The Mix Lounge in Fremont, also singing will be Sarah Pasillas, super loveley. We’ll have an open jam after. Good booze, good food, good music. No cover charge.

But FIRST, for the early birds, I’m singing songs at Happy Hour at Bernard’s on Seneca, 5-7PM.

See you tonight!


Show Schedule For May 2015


I have some fun shows coming up this month, get your calendar out and let’s see when we can hang out:

Wednesday May 6 at the Mix Lounge in Fremont, Seattle WA, I’m hosting a singer-songwriter night every Wednesday night, our first one is May 6 with Sarah Pasillas. Open to other musicians after also.

Saturday May 9 at Blakeslee’s in Forks WA, All AGES. They say it’s vampire country. Fun. 7PM.

Friday May 15 at Mobster Mike’s in Bremerton WA, also with Anna Gordon. A night of super lovely tunes, I promise. 8PM.

Saturday May 16 at Cafe Racer in Seattle WA. Also with Amy Bleu coming up from Portland, OR. Surely delightful. 8PM.

Friday May 22, at The Mix Lounge in Fremont (soon to be renamed), 501 N 36th St. 8PM.

Saturday May 23, at Slippery Pig Brewery in Paulsbo WA. Great beer, good sound, right by the water. ALL AGES. 8PM.

Saturday May 30 at the Charleston in Bremerton WA. ALL AGES. Also with: Hunter Stroud, Wyatt Olney, Aaron Willsie, Rich Conrad, Ashton George, and Micah X Wyatt. 9PM.

And EVERY WEDNESDAY we convene for the Happiest Hour In Seattle at Bernard’s, 315 Seneca, 5-7PM. $2 well drinks, $3.50 drafts. And free live music from me.

See you soon!


Live! Friday May 15 At Mobster Mike’s In Bremerton WA

Kitsap peninsula friends, I’m coming to sing some tunes at Mobster Mike’s in Bremerton on Friday May 15, 8PM.

Also joining me will be Anna Gordon, you’re going to love her voice!

Saint John and the Revelations and Anna Gordon at Mobster Mike's

The food at this spot is super good too. See you soon!