Reminder: Tonight At Uptown Pub In Port Townsend WA

This is a friendly reminder to our friends around Port Townsend WA, we are coming to sing some songs tonight at the Uptown Pub, no cover, 9PM start.

We’ll probably get in to town a couple of hours early to have a bite at Waterfront Pizza and a beer somewhere with a lovely view.

Come by and let’s have some fun!



LIVE! This Friday At Mount Si Pub In North Bend WA

Friends around North Bend WA, join us this Friday for some fun live music at the Mount Si Pub, 8:30PM, Mary Ann is singing at this one too:

Fri June 24
Mount Si Pub
45530 SE North Bend Way
North Bend WA 98045

See you soon!


Port Townsend, We Are Coming Back For You!

Friends around Port Townsend WA, join us this Saturday, June 25 at the Uptown Pub, 9PM, no cover charge. It’s been a couple of months since we’ve seen you, we’re looking forward to another fun evening!

Saint John and the Revelations at the Uptown Pub

Sat, June 25
Uptown Pub
1016 Lawrence St
Port Townsend WA



LIVE! At The Queen Anne Beerhall This Thur June 16

We are back for the third month in our residency at the Queen Anne Beerhall in the Queen Anne neighbourhood of Seattle, 6PM show start, free entry, see you soon!

Thur June 16
Queen Anne Beerhall
203 W Thomas St
Seattle WA
Free Entry

Join Us This Friday At Murphy’s Pub In Wallingford, Seattle

I’m singing some songs this Friday at Murphy’s Irish Pub in Wallingford, Seattle. Phil is joining me on cello, super fun times guaranteed.

9PM, free entry.

1928 N 45th St
Seattle WA


59er Diner 

Our favourite milkshake maker in Washington, 59er Diner, burned down yesterday just as we were driving up to get a pre-show shake on our way to Leavenworth. We stopped by after the show and snapped a photo of the tragedy:

Nobody was hurt, but we feel terrible for the folks who worked there, the staff were always friendly and had put care into making the 59er such a cool spot. 

They have another 59er Diner location on the other side of Leavenworth so we were able to get our milkshake fix,  we highly recommend them, and they could probably use the extra business.


Book Recommendation: The Fabric Of The Cosmos By Brian Greene

My last book recommendation was also science related, but you can’t really get enough science, so here is my current reco, Brian Greene’s ‘The Fabric Of The Cosmos’. Brian Greene covers bits of General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and other cool topics to help non-science majors get a better understanding of the underlying nature of the Universe.

Brian Greene Fabric Of The Cosmos

Brian Greene is a superb science communicator and is also a String Theorist, so in addition to well-proven theories of physics, he also teases us with hints of what we might discover or prove in the future as technology and experiment methods improve. It’s also a very math-lite book, there won’t be any equations to solve or tests to take, just a bunch of cool insights into space and time.