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  1. I think a muse is much more interesting because it is all your own pressed on them. They may have only interacted with you even a few times but they stay on your mind and your thoughts can run wild with them. Besides, its safer to not get involved with the muse, but it can be some messy fun too!

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  3. I really only know Jeb through his timeless 1987 Radio Earth song ‘Distant Land’ which was the finest single released in the 1980s as far as I am concerned. It HAS to be released on CD or at least a digital download from original masters at some point in the future – come on Warners! Andy Hill did an incredible production job on this, and the 12″ ‘Atomic Dance Mix’ is exceptional use of studio technology to create an extended version which is actually the definitve version of the track. RIP Jeb and good to learn about your detailed history.

  4. We heard you in everett at Flight’s Pub a couple of weeks ago you were one of the best singers I’ve ever seen and i still have your madman song stuck in my head! we were hoping you were coming up again soon but we’re planning on coming to this show.

  5. Hi there St. John! I saw you at Kells last night with my friend and we loved your music. We’ll come to another show soon.Your voice is beautiful.

    Stephanie and Anne, with the Bushmills

  6. I saw you in Seattle last week, your voice and songs blew me away with so much feeling! and I bought your cd, its beautiful

    I’ll keep an eye on your show schedule!

    Thank you


  7. You are here. Your note is your presence, and deeply valued by us who knew only one side or another of Jeb and his journey. We in his neighborhood know how hard he worked to make WitzEnd into a positive local influence before even opening the club.

    As I watched the club develop, visiting a couple of times but mostly driving by while en route to or from work or walking to some local meeting, I could see the continuing results of Jeb’s dedication to creating a good music and neighborhood gathering place.

    The world’s a complex place, and Jeb showed his understanding of how to make it better. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  8. Hi guys!
    My name is Jane and I’m with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about Sultan to share on our site and I came across your post…If you’re open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Hope you had a great show!

  9. Are you famous? You truly have a gift. I listened to and enjoyed every single one of your songs, the player is still playing but youre looking good so far. Seriously, beautiful songs, good luck to you!


  10. yes, being alone can be very intellectually stimulating, and not having to “please” another can be a real release…thats why I changed my name from Dee Dee Debris to Dee Dee Be Free when I was single… we are bummed that we are missing so many of your shows, but happy to hear you will be playing in Portland soon! Keep being creative!!!!

  11. Hi! I met you at the blarney stone with my friends and bought a CD, I love it and you guys were great! I have been listening to the CD nonstop. Send me an email and let me know when youre playing again I can’t wait to see you again Your voice is beautiful!!!!!!!


  12. “Try it one mo’ time,” Tina says after Ike sucks and slurps salaciously into the mic. This was 1969, and according to her memoirs, they were thick in domestic abuse. Looking at Ike and Tina through these lenses, one wonders what kind of leash Ike is tugging.

  13. Hi! We saw you play a few of weeks ago at the corner bar and your voice is beautiful, I’ve listened to your CD every day on the way home from work. Can’t wait to hear more. Thank you!


  14. What a treat to come on to facebook and get a free live music performance I finished my lunch to your show.

    Would you please come to Idaho and sing Mexico for us, we really need it!

  15. Such a great and “simple” song. Simplicity is such a hard achievement in composing. That’s what make the difference between songs and hits…and this song combines both.

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  17. If you haven’t found your bassist by June 5th give me a shout, I really like your stuff but I’ll be in Mexico until then. Love a band that’s willing to work hard for the sound they want.

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  19. alien abduction? hmm they must be loving the cello music up there– dig cellos there and there are lots around. Might want to check out the CSU’s and there are always some hanging round the hotel cafe though I know enough people in music who might be able to connect you.

    from myspace to facebook to here.
    Stevie (lastoryfashionista, la-story.com )