Mexico (The Sun’s On Our Right) – High Quality MP3


Phil Hirschi – cello
Oliver Dye – drums
Mary Ann Miller – backing vocals
Cory Cavazos – bass
Abby London – piano
Saint John – guitar, vocals, organ, additional piano

Produced and Engineered by SJ
Additional engineering by Oliver Dye

Also featuring the 'Saint John and the Revelations All-Star Choir': Tobias The Owl, Wyatt Olney, Wonder, Brad Yaeger, David Johnson, Kate Bradley, Jim Marcotte, Tekla Waterfield, Scott MX Turner, Paul Jenkins, Mallory Hanson, Erika Garrett, Stacey Laine Powell, David Pollon, Rachel Cunha, Arnaud Hugonie, Travys Starr, Cory Cavazos, Phil Hirschi, Abby London, and a few mystery guest voices.

Written by Saint John
Recorded in Seattle WA


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