Happy Tom Day!

It’s Tom Petty’s birthday and I’m listening to an amazing live record of his, I especially love the version of ‘Southern Accents’. I’m singing this afternoon at Deep Draft Brewery, 3-5, I’ll play a couple of his tunes in my set. I still miss our Tom.
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I’m usually up every morning to watch the Sunrise, it’s a great time to play and write. I also love morning music radio shows while I do my chores. I haven’t read the morning news yet, did the world explode while I was napping?
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Choosing Songs

I just finalized the set list for our show at Everybody’s in Port Orchard WA tonight, it’s going to be our best show yet. Cool video backdrops, sexy lights, excellent sound, new songs, Oliver on drums, it’s gonna be awesome. Do not miss this show if you’re around.
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Feeling Clever

I was putzing through my to-do list and felt a new song beaming through on the supernatural radio and picked up the guitar to figure it out. It’s called ‘Slow Kiss’, you can hear it at a show soon. Now I can turn the real radio back up and get back to my list.
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Guest Notes

I had a cool day recording a new local duo called ‘Chk-n-Suep’, it was fun to work on other music besides my own. I have to take a second though and remind you that I have a new single coming out on Friday, ‘Kumbaya Supernova!’, on Spotify etc, stay tuned!
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I have performed at so many venues, I’ve lost count, and I love seeing a photo and scrolling through my mind to remember where/when it was. I have a couple of days to breathe (and promote my recordings, Kumbaya Supernova! is out on Friday!!!), but more fun shows are coming up soon.
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T-5 Days

My new single, Kumbaya Supernova!, launches on Spotify this Friday. It sounds amazing, I’m super proud of it. It’s a quirky song I wrote for geeks like me. It’s the first in a series of new singles I’ll be releasing over the next few months, I’m excited.
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Brothers In Arms

I can’t believe how many albums I’ve never heard on vinyl before. I picked up Dire Straits ‘Brothers In Arms’ yesterday almost solely for the tune ‘Why Worry’, the whole thing sounds amazing though. I’m singing later today at Deep Draft Brewery in Gorst, maybe I’ll add one of these songs to my set.
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