Thank You Leavenworth!

I was back in Leavenworth WA over the weekend for a couple of shows, the weather was gorgeous, I went for a couple of beautiful hikes along the river, and I got to sing for many lovely people. I can’t wait to come back!
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Hidden Stash!

I found a secret (even to me) stash of my ‘Welcome’ CD in a box in storage, nice surprise! It features the amazing drumming of Bill Rieflin, rad bass by Scott McCaughey, and legendary guitars by Peter Buck. Come to a show while supplies last, I thought we sold out a while back and it’s a limited edition (1000 copies) so get yours soon.
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TBT Snow Patrol

It’ll be rad to see Snow Patrol in Seattle this Saturday w/Ed Sheeran. This photo is Gary and I on some random night, I really should get better at tagging them. If you haven’t heard their new record yet, do it, it’s beautiful.
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Who Can It Be Now? TBT

I don’t play throw-back-Thursday often, so here we go. I’ve had the great pleasure of opening up for Colin Hay of Men At Work a couple of times, his voice soars and his current songs are treasures. As you can see from this photo we also had a difficult time keeping our hands off each other.
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Is That….Is That Aretha?!?!?

“Is that…is that Aretha?!?!”

In the Summer of 2008 I was getting my first record mastered at Capitol Records, it was my first time there and the engineer gave me a tour of the studios. We walked down a hall and one of the doors was shut but I could hear a voice singing that I’ve heard thousands of times before. I turned and said “Is that…is that Aretha?!?!?”, the engineer smiled to confirm and I almost spontaneously combusted in excitement. On the other side of that door was one of the best voices in rock & roll.

Throughout the day I kept walking down the hall hoping the door would open and I could get a glimpse, and sure enough it was wide open later that afternoon. I peered in, but no one was there, and the studio was covered with Christmas decorations. I figured it out quickly, Aretha was recording a holiday album in the middle of Summer and was using the decorations to get in the “spirit”, she was such a pro. I didn’t get to meet her, but knowing I was working down the hall from one of my heroes was truly inspiring.

I heard Aretha left us today, I hope she knows how much we all love her for sharing her voice.