I Got A Hobby!

All of my life revolves around music and socialising around music, so I recently had fun playing a computer video game called Divinity Original Sin 2, an indie masterpiece by @larianstudios. And then I tried to use the game engine to make my own mini-game within their game, it was even more fun to make a game than play one.

My mini game is called Treasure Hunters! Book One: The Tower Vault, it’s free but you need to have the main game to play it, but if you want to check it out, here it is: https://ift.tt/2HRwM0j Folks from around the world are playing it and sending me messages etc. Super fun!
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MP3s Can’t Do This

I love opening a record and checking out the art and photos and lyrics and production staff etc., it immerses me more into the music and the moment they recorded it. This is Cheap Trick Live At The Budokan.
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Seagulls And Gravity

Sometimes I’ll hear knocking on the roof, but it’s not Santa Claus looking for the chimney. Seagulls will fly up a bit with oysters and mussels and drop them to use the Earth and its gravity to break the shells open. There are usually a few of these broken shells in the driveway in the morning. Clever.
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Top Ten Albums

I said that once I was nominated for the Top Ten Albums That Influenced You challenge, or whatever it’s called, ten times, I would capitulate and do it too. I received my tenth nomination over the weekend, so here it is, my top ten influential albums all in one: The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’. I know it’s only one album, but that’s how important it is to me.
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Electron Beer Gifts

A friend brought by an Electron IPA from Puyallup River Brewing CO @puyallupbrew for me, I’m going to test it this afternoon, it looks like a huge probability cloud of deliciousness. Thank you, Brian!
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Tea Or Trail Mix?

This looks nothing like tea. I’m out of black tea so I’m rummaging through the tea I have for guests that don’t drink real tea. Actually, I’m walking to the store, this “tea” won’t work. At least I have some trail mix for the walk.
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Last Night At Bernard’s Was Good

Last night at Bernard’s was good. And good is the new amazing. I remember my first night there, I walked up to the door and almost walked away thinking that they wouldn’t want to hear me. I’m glad I decided to go in anyway. Over the next four years we had so many laughs and discussions and arguments and singalongs. It is difficult to measure how rewarding it is to hear people singing along to my songs. For my final show, I got nice presents, people cried, and lots of people dropped in who I hadn’t seen in a while. Last night was good. I’m really proud of what the show had became, I chose Wednesdays when I started because it was typically a super slow day and I wanted to prove to myself that with some live music it could be built up into something wonderfully human. There was some bad though too. The pay was pathetic (except the tips, thank you!!!). I never got a “thank you” or even any acknowledgment from the manager, or almost any interaction at all, and he didn’t even show up on my last day. But I wasn’t there for him anyway. I kept doing that show for so long because the audience was super special. Also, the bartenders were some of the best of I’ve worked with. I’m glad a bunch of regulars stuck around after the show and we got a couple of photos, although I know I’ll have hundreds of memories to enjoy for the rest of my days anyway. Well, this post is long enough, I just really wanted to say thank you to all the folks who would hang out with us on Bernard’s on Wednesdays, you really made it a special time and place to be. I have lots of shows around the Pacific Northwest, let’s hang out soon!