Disco Duck

Happy Monday! I found this gem in a pile of records and I figure it might be the perfect soundtrack for reading my emails this morning. ‘Irwin The Disco Duck and the Wibble Wabble Singers and Orchestra’ must have had many challenges fitting their band name on venue marquees.
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Wedding Show Today

I am performing at a wedding today for a couple of wonderful fans. I feel very fortunate that folks never ask me to perform cover songs for these shows, I don’t think I could get through ‘Brick House’ before quitting guitar forever.
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Nice Summer So Far

Happy Wednesday! It’s been a gorgeous Summer so far in the Pacific Northwest, and as the Sun sets on my very productive day, I just wanted to enjoy a moment of gratitude for the folks who have been coming out to our shows. This year has been the best yet, thank you! www.sjatr.com/shows
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Sun Jul 8 At Decibel Brewing

Let’s finish off the weekend right with some tasty craft beer and live music this afternoon at Decibel Brewing in Bothell WA. 4-7PM, all ages, no cover. I’m going to fill this beer growler with some of their Pocketful Of Gold IPA after my show for my day off on Monday. Anticipation. @decibelbrewing
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You’ve Got Mail

This is one of our more clever merch ideas, a download postcard for our song ‘Mexico’. Folks buy them at shows and then send them off to friends, and with a little download code on the back their friends can then get the song. I love seeing new downloads in our stats from all around the world.
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