Mixing Relief On The Way

I can finally put these speakers down, I’m talking with one of the best mixing engineers in the world to take our tracks and make them sound amazing. I’m so excited, there’s so much to get done, but I’m glad it’s getting done right.
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Writing It Down

I think better with a guitar in my hand. When I’m “writing” a song, I don’t really ever write it down, I hope my guitar remembers it for me. I’ve started a couple new tunes, stop by a show soon for a sample and see how smart my guitar is.
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Sat Nov 3 At Outlander Brewery

Friends and live music lovers around Seattle, I’m really excited to sing some songs and hang out with cool folks at Outlander Brewery in Fremont this Saturday at 7PM. No cover. Super tasty craft beers. Please join me!
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Happy Hour At The Dugout in Bremerton

Dear friends around Kitsap County, I’m singing this eve (Wednesday) at the Dugout in Bremerton from 5:30-8, no cover, all ages, and it’d be lovely to see you there! I’ll have a couple of new tunes to try out on you, and during my breaks we’ll be playing Galaga and/or Ms Pacman, if you beat me, you get a slice of my pesto pizza.



New Song – ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

I was arguing with a conspiracy theorist the other day and became very frustrated and decided to stop wasting my time and wrote and recorded a song on my phone instead. The chorus has a bit of potty-mouth in it, so you may want to cover your ears during that part, although it’s super fun to sing it.



Movies I’ve Never Seen

I am a little bit culturally behind many of my friends (and many humans in general), so I started a list of movies I hear people talking about all the time but I haven’t yet experienced. Which do you recommend I start with?
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