Live Music This Weekend, Jan 12 & 13

I’m singing some songs this Friday at Twin Rivers Brewing/Adam’s Bistro from 7-9PM, all ages, free. Please join me if you’re in the area!

And then on Saturday, Mary Ann and I are singing at La Copa Cafe in Ballard, Seattle. 6-9PM. All ages, free. This will be super nice, come by for some fun!



This Saturday At Uptown Pub In Port Townsend

I’m excited to spend this Saturday evening in Port Townsend at the Uptown Pub, it’s a super cool spot and Port Townsend is a neat town. I start the show at 9PM, stop by a little bit before and say hi.

Saturday Jan 6
Uptown Pub
1016 Lawrence St
Port Townsend WA
9PM, Free



I’m Glad We Made It To 2018!

Happy New Year!

It’s nice to see you’re still here on Earth, I’m glad we survived 2017. I haven’t done an exact tally, but I know I performed 200+ shows last year, I’m feeling pretty good. You may have been around for a few of those shows, thank you! And if you weren’t, let’s fix that in 2018. We added some new members, new songs, and played a bunch of shows and rehearsals, we’re sounding better than ever.

I hope 2018 treats you exceptionally well.



Happy Birthday Mary Ann!

Happy Birthday to the real singer in Saint John and the Revelations, Mary Ann Miller!

Mary Ann Miller and Saint John LIVE! photo by Laura Johnson

The Earth is a better planet with her on it, and our band is much better with her as a part of it. She also makes super tasty baked mac & cheese.


SJ & Abby & Cory & Phil & Oliver & Sam

Reminder: This Sunday At Tractor Tavern!

Friends around Seattle, please join us for our best show yet this Sunday at the Tractor Tavern, 6PM doors open, 7PM music starts. We had a great rehearsal yesterday and we’re excited for Sunday. We’ll be there early to set up and hang out before the show, stop by and say hi!

Sun Dec 10
Tractor Tavern
Seattle WA



‘Christmas Fire’ Anti-XMas Song

We recorded a fun song for folks who aren’t really in the Christmas spirit, ‘Christmas Fire’:

Phil Hirschi – cello
Abby London – electric piano
Cory Cavazos – bass
Mary Ann Miller – backing vocals
Oliver Dye – drums
Saint John – guitar/vocals

Full Band December 10 At Tractor Tavern

We’ll only have one FULL BAND show this year in Seattle, meet us at the Tractor Tavern on December 10 in Ballard at 6PM (early Sunday show, nice!) and see what we’ve been up to:

Also with Patrick Galactic and Ry Flannery & The Night Owls, you’re going to love them, I promise.

Invite some friends, this show is going to be the best yet!



New song, ‘Casting Spells’

I recently wrote a new song and recorded a demo of it for you to check out, ‘Casting Spells’.

Casting Spells

I hear you casting spells in the next room
It spells my doom
And the light flickers under the door
The wind howls you fly back for more

I would lay across your altar, everything to offer
Then the Moon slides across your blade
My smile is not afraid

Our stars will tell you I drank the potion
With my eyes wide open
Our stars will tell you I drank the potion
With my eyes wide open

Draw your circle of protection, check my reflection
While the fire tries to purify
If you want to know, look into my eyes

Our stars will tell you I drank the potion
With my eyes wide open
Our stars will tell you I drank the potion
With my eyes wide open
Our stars will tell you I drank the potion
With my eyes wide open
Our stars will tell you I drank the potion
With my eyes wide…



Kitsap Foster Care Association Benefit

We are performing this Saturday at Slaughter County Brew Co in Port Orchard WA for a benefit show for Kitsap Foster Care Association, 5PM. Please join us for some fun for a good cause!

Also performing, Tobias The Owl, you’ll love him, I promise!

Saturday, Nov 5
Slaughter County Brew Co
Port Orchard WA



This Friday At Que Sera In La Conner WA

We are making our way north up to La Conner at Que Sera Loft this Friday (Oct 27) to sing some tunes, if you’re in the area, let’s hang out, I’ve heard this place is really nice.

Friday Oct 27, 7PM
Que Sera Loft
106 First St
La Conner WA



This Weekend In Live Music

Happy Friday! If you’re looking for music this weekend, I have some tunes for you:

Friday Oct 20
Mobster Mike’s
Bremerton WA
602 4th St
8-11PM, FREE

Saturday Oct 21
Pour House
Port Townsend WA
2231 Washington St
8-11PM, FREE

Hopefully we’ll see you soon!