Would you like a custom song written for you or someone you love? I love writing songs, and composing songs for patrons is a tradition going back centuries. I can write in many styles, and will talk with you about the subject of your song and get a full picture of what it should be about and the emotions and story that the music and lyrics should convey. Here is a song I recently wrote for a couple for their wedding, I also performed it at their reception for their dance. They loved it, and they cried, and it was a beautiful moment. ‘Casting Spells’:

A custom song is probably the classiest gift you can give someone. It’s kind of like having someone’s portrait painted, but unlike a painting they can get a song stuck in their head or play it anywhere. They aren’t cheap, but nobody wants a cheap song anyway. I guarantee top quality tunes. Send me a message and let’s start talking about what kind of song you want.