Sunset Slideshow (and Mexico demo)

I put together a slideshow of sunset photos taken from my phone, and put a recording of ‘Mexico’ as the backing track, enjoy!



PS!!! If you like to help us put ‘Mexico’ on a full album, please chip in a couple of bucks, thank you!

Quiet Before The Storm

It’s a relatively quiet week on the SJATR  show schedule, but stop by at happy hour for some live tunes at Bernard’s (315 Seneca in downtown Seattle) on Wednesday so I can stay in shape!

I have rehearsals for a bunch of full-band shows coming up, and I’ve been writing some new songs, so it’s not as if I’ll be sitting around playing Mario Kart.

The weather has been beautiful, with endless beautiful sunsets. Enjoy!



Beautiful May Day

Tonight’s moonset/sunset was majestic. Gorgeous breeze. And I feel good. A really good type of good.

I also had a fun show at 88 Keys in Pioneer Square, Science! also played and we’re performing together again at 4th Ave Tav in Olympia on Saturday May 10, come check us out!

Oh! I also marched with workers and other progressive activists through downtown Seattle today for some basic rights that most workers in industrialised nations have:

Seattle also announced today that the minimum wage here is going up to $15. It’s a good start. I believe that people who work full time should be able to afford to live without taking food stamps and other poverty subsidies.

We can keep making things better with a little footwork and a lot of singing.

All the best,


Sunset and The Byrds

I spent my Saturday afternoon doing homework. Learned the last verse to a Gordon Lightfoot cover I’m going to try. Decided what my new song is going to be about, and it’s kind of fun, can’t wait to hear how it ends up. Now listening to The Byrds live records and to the sunset. Fragmenting and running on sentences. But there’s this:



Every Thursday at The Augustus in Fremont, Seattle

Dear Seattle friends,

Join us at the bar at the Augustus in Fremont for lovely cocktails, fun live acoustic rock-and-roll music, and super tasty food!

I’ll start the show every Thursday at around 7PM:

Saint John at the Augustus in Fremont Weekly

And it’s FREE

I can’t wait! Phil Hirschi (from John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra) will join me on cello for some of the shows, BJ on bass, and I’ll also have a few surprise guests!

The Augustus
3601 Fremont Ave N, Ste 207
Seattle WA

See you there!