Stonehenge Memory Palace

One of my fav podcasts is Sean Carroll’s ‘Mindscape’, this is an excellent episode with a very plausible explanation for the purpose of Stonehenge and other similar sites around the world:

It’s also a great explanation of how preliterate cultures maintain and transfer huge databases of information.



Motown Fan Bag

I played a great Temptations record on vinyl today and noticed this great deal for a “Motown Fan Bag” on the sleeve. It comes with a book cover, photo folder, and a mobile!!! Only $3 each. The record is from 1966, do you think the offer is still good?
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Took The Long Way Around

Do you feel like you’re not getting anywhere? Well, the Solar System is rotating around the Milky Way at 828,000 kilometers (514,500 miles) per hour, so you seem to be doing pretty well to me. Also, the Earth was on the other side of the galaxy when the dinosaurs were thriving: