Live Music This Weekend, Jan 12 & 13

I’m singing some songs this Friday at Twin Rivers Brewing/Adam’s Bistro from 7-9PM, all ages, free. Please join me if you’re in the area!

And then on Saturday, Mary Ann and I are singing at La Copa Cafe in Ballard, Seattle. 6-9PM. All ages, free. This will be super nice, come by for some fun!



Reminder: This Sunday At Tractor Tavern!

Friends around Seattle, please join us for our best show yet this Sunday at the Tractor Tavern, 6PM doors open, 7PM music starts. We had a great rehearsal yesterday and we’re excited for Sunday. We’ll be there early to set up and hang out before the show, stop by and say hi!

Sun Dec 10
Tractor Tavern
Seattle WA



Full Band December 10 At Tractor Tavern

We’ll only have one FULL BAND show this year in Seattle, meet us at the Tractor Tavern on December 10 in Ballard at 6PM (early Sunday show, nice!) and see what we’ve been up to:

Also with Patrick Galactic and Ry Flannery & The Night Owls, you’re going to love them, I promise.

Invite some friends, this show is going to be the best yet!



Live! Duo (w/cello) Show Tue Sept 1 At Hattie’s Hat In Ballard, Seattle WA

Hi, next Tuesday, Sept 1, Phil (rock-and-roll cello wizard) and I are performing at Hattie’s Hat in Ballard, 8PM, No cover, All ages. We love performing in this room, it’s always a fun night!

Live at Hattie's Hat Tuesday Sept 1 Saint John and the Revelations and Brendan Regan

Also singing is Brendan Regan, you will love his Irish folk influenced songs, see you soon!



Live! Duo Show July 19 At Substation In Seattle WA

Hi! We have a super fun duo show (w/Phil on cello) at the Substation in Ballard (Frelard) on Sunday July 19:

Saint John and the Revelations at Substation

Sunday, July 19
645 NW 45th St
Seattle WA

Also performing are Abi Grace and the Feral Folk, and J’Owl!

Put it on your calendar and invite some friends, we’re going to have a delightful evening.


Live Shows This Weekend, June 5, 6, 8

Hi! We have some fun shows for you this weekend (and Monday):

Friday June 5, Mobster Mike’s in Bremerton WA at 8PM. $5. 21+. Also w/Wyatt Olney and Travys Starr!

Saturday June 6, Bubba’s Roadhouse in Sultan WA at 8PM. All Ages until 11PM. Free. This will be a (partial) band show and jam with the Mystic Arrows!

Monday June 8, Hattie’s Hat in Seattle WA at 8PM. All Ages until 9PM. Free. Also a partial band show!

Let’s hang out soon,


And in the meantime, enjoy a recent demo video I recorded of ‘Kumbaya Supernova’:

Live Monday June 8 At Hattie’s Hat In Seattle WA

Hattie’s Hat is one of the best listening rooms in Seattle and I’m excited to be performing there again on Monday June 8th. Also performing is Katie Kuffel:

Saint John and the Revelations and Katie Kuffel at Hattie's Hat

No Cover

See you there!



Edit: The original blog said “Sunday” rather than “Monday”, fixed! See you on Monday June 8!

This Week In Live Music Feb 16-22

I have some fun shows this week around Puget Sound:

Friday Feb 20 in Bremerton WA at Mobster Mike’s with Cory Lee, 8PM.

Saturday Feb 21 in Everett WA at Flight’s Pub with Wyatt Olney, Brad Yaeger and the Night Terrors, and DedElectric. 9PM, we’re on first so get there early!


Sunday Feb 22 in Ballard, Seattle, at Hattie’s Hat with Judd Wasserman, Randy Parsons, and Aaron A. Semer.

See you soon!


This Sunday At Hattie’s Hat 8PM In Ballard, Seattle WA

Seattle/Ballard friends, I’m coming to Hattie’s Hat this Sunday to sing some songs for you along with Kristin Chambers, 8PM. Free.

Saint John and the Revelations at Hatties Hat

Hattie’s Hat is one of the best listening rooms around, come and have a fun night with us!


Full Band Show At Hattie’s Hat in Ballard, Seattle Oct 26

I’m performing a show with Phil Hirschi (cello) at Hattie’s Hat in Ballard, Seattle, Sunday October 26 at 8PM. We’ll also have a full band backing us up, including an upright bass, mandolin, saw, and drums.

Hattie’s Hat is a great listening room, we’re going to have a super fun night!

Saint John and the Revelations at Hatties Hat Oct 26

See you soon!


Minus 5 at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard

I went to hear Scott McCaughey and the Minus 5 last night at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard:


The Minus 5 were fun, Scott’s songwriting is super cool, and the band really showed off his flexibility in styles, he always puts together top-notch musicians. And new tunes included!

If they come through your town, treat yourself to a Minus 5 show, you’ll really dig them.


Singer-Songwriter Showcase at Hattie’s Hat Oct 20


I have a show on Oct 20 with a guest backing band (I’m actually the guest, they’re the house band), The Back Door Trio, at Hattie’s Hat in the Ballard neighbourhood of Seattle. 8PM.

Singer Songwriter Showcase at Hattie's Hat Oct 20

These talented artists will also be delighting you that evening:

Nancy K Dillon
Ellen Reed Zoffel
Secret Lee

See you there!


Stepping Stone Residency, every Wednesday

Dear Friends,

I will be starting my weekly residency this Wednesday at the Stepping Stone in the Ballard neighbourhood of Seattle.


This week I’ll be joined by local Seattle artists Jeremy Serwer and Dustin Schmidt. They have some really beautiful tunes, I’m looking forward to the show!

See you there!



Vinyl Mecca Whenever I come to Seattle, I have to make my way…

Vinyl Mecca

Whenever I come to Seattle, I have to make my way over to Bop Street Records in Ballard and spend some time digging through their record collection for lost and forgotten musical treasures. I used to work in a record store and I feel very much at home in pretty much all of them.

It’s always the same types of people in these shops, if you’ve seen the movie High Fidelity, then you know what I’m talking about. For me it’s just as much about the passion of music and talking about it with the employees whilst listening to some classic Motown record over the in-store speakers as it is about the smile I get when I flip through to a record that I know a friend will love so much and I have to get it for them.

I am such a music geek, it really should be embarrassing. Fortunately, I don’t really have the good sense to get embarrassed about much of anything. If you ever run into me somewhere, beware, if you start talking about classic records, you might not be able to get me to shut up about them.

I added a couple of treats to my collection on this visit, I’ll let you know how they sound.