Happy New Year!

Hi. I just wanted to say Happy New Year! I’m glad you’re still here with us hurtling around the Sun on one of the coolest planets around. What are you planning for 2016? Whatever it is, I hope you’re healthy and happy and we hope to see you at a show soon!

One of my resolutions is to keep up with Instagram and Twitter and YouTube a little more actively, so keep in touch with us there too.

All the best,


Full Band Show At Hattie’s Hat in Ballard, Seattle Oct 26

I’m performing a show with Phil Hirschi (cello) at Hattie’s Hat in Ballard, Seattle, Sunday October 26 at 8PM. We’ll also have a full band backing us up, including an upright bass, mandolin, saw, and drums.

Hattie’s Hat is a great listening room, we’re going to have a super fun night!

Saint John and the Revelations at Hatties Hat Oct 26

See you soon!


Tonight, Acoustic Duo At The White Horse In Post Alley, Seattle

Aloha Seattle friends, Phil (cello wizard) and I are performing at the White Horse Tavern in Post Alley (just a couple of doors down from Kells) tonight from 8-10PM, totally acoustic (no mics/amps), no cover charge, but lots of fun!

We play this show every first Tuesday of the month and it is one of our favourite shows, bring a friend, and we’ll see you soon!



Some Shows Today

I get to walk in the daylight today.

I have two outdoor daytime shows today, one at the University District Farmers Market in Seattle at noon, and then in Duvall, Washington at the SnoRiver Rock Concert and Lighter Than Air Fare at about 5PM. Come around if you’re in the neighbourhood!

I should probably get some tea brewing before I head out.



Thank you Sultan!

People in the big cities don’t understand that folks on the outskirts need rock-and-roll love too, so last night we had a little party in Sultan, just about an hour outside of Seattle. Well, it was actually a pretty big party, and we met a whole bunch of new friends. Many thanks to the Mystic Arrows and all of the very cool folks we hung out with last night, we can’t wait to come back again soon!

I’ll be smiling and laughing all day, we can’t wait for next time.