Don’t Write Them Down

I’m up early, writing. I remember when I was a kid watching Beatles documentaries and how they would say they didn’t write their songs down because if they couldn’t remember them, then how would the listeners? I just figured that’s the way it’s done, and I also don’t write my tunes down. Except one copy gets sent to the copyright office, of course.
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Writing It Down

I think better with a guitar in my hand. When I’m “writing” a song, I don’t really ever write it down, I hope my guitar remembers it for me. I’ve started a couple new tunes, stop by a show soon for a sample and see how smart my guitar is.
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Songwriting Procrastination Percolation

Sometimes when I’m writing a song I’ll wait and wait and wait to finish the last line of the last verse, unbelievable procrastination, and I think there are a few reasons why. First, I LOVE writing songs, and I never want it to end, it’s like a delicious meal where you never get too full. And second, I need to make sure the song is really finished, so I figure if I take a little longer, the best possible idea will have had time to percolate. Third, what if it sucks?! What if it sucks. And fourth, sometimes I just get too busy to make time to be focused enough to say “it’s done!”

Well, I decided yesterday to be finished with a new song, ‘As Good As It Gets’, and we debuted it tonight and it got one of the biggest applause of the night. I can’t wait to hear Mary Ann sing it.

Come to a show soon and see if you dig the new tune, I think it has some pretty cool bits in it:

PS. And thank you Oliver for letting me spring a new song on you on stage at a show, you’re a champion!

Sunset and The Byrds

I spent my Saturday afternoon doing homework. Learned the last verse to a Gordon Lightfoot cover I’m going to try. Decided what my new song is going to be about, and it’s kind of fun, can’t wait to hear how it ends up. Now listening to The Byrds live records and to the sunset. Fragmenting and running on sentences. But there’s this:



Happy Saturday April 27 2013!

Good morning!

Songwriting makes some mornings feel like Christmas. I wake up, and the first thing in my head is the song I was working on before I went to sleep, so I get right up and move straight to my guitar. It’s kind of like I remember asking Santa Claus for a bike for Christmas, and I was pretty good all year, so there’s a reasonable chance it’ll be there Christmas morning, but you never know, because sometimes Santa is a prick, but then you rush down and you see the shiny bike by the Christmas tree, and all is righteous in the world.

When I woke up and went straight to my guitar this morning and picked it up with a little anxiety that maybe I forgot what I was playing, but it all flowed right out, and it was still pretty good so I smiled and played it through a few times. Santa really deserves some credit though, it’s not even Christmas, and I haven’t been that good this year.

Thank you, SC!