Warm Tree Spirit

We bring trees indoors during the darkest part of winter to protect and warm the spirits who live inside the trees and keep the ancient forests alive. This Xmas tree was on my stage last night, I hope the spirit liked my John Lennon tribute.
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Hmmm, Bob Or Bruce?

I’m gonna take a moment this lovely Saturday afternoon for a vinyl break, must choose between Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen… I’m probably going with Bruce but Bob has a guest appearance by Johnny Cash so it’s not a fair fight…
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“A wizard is never late, nor is he early…” I’m never late for shows, I’m always early and prepped. But I sure take my time with releasing new records, although this changes in 2019. I’ve been talking with folks who are going to help us promote the singles and other cool stuff, I’m super stoked.
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Uke Week

I picked this ukulele up in Hawaii a few years ago, it’s so much fun to play, light and breezy. I’ll be playing the ukulele this week at my shows to mix things up a bit, any requests? It’s a nice instrument for winter too, a musical reminder of warmer
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Earth Harp

For my TBT pic, a shot of me performing under the Earth Harp in Venice CA around 2011 methinks. I got to play the Earth Harp a bit before the show, it’s a super cool instrument with long cables that trigger different frequencies, look it up if you haven’t heard it yet.
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Stretching Shadows

I’ve been trying out a new tune at shows recently, ‘Stretching Shadows’, last night someone asked if I have it recorded. I thanked them and lied “soon!”, even though I know my studio procrastination is powerful. But we’ll finally have some new music out in January, stay tuned!
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Shoes To Match The Moves

People comment on how much my feet move when I’m performing, I used to get self-conscious about it and a little shy, but now I design super cool shoes to match my “moves”. I’m in a momentary recline, I just finished my morning chores, these feet will be tapping again soon though.
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Rock And Roll Cello

I arrange most of my songs with cello in mind, it’s such a gorgeous instrument. Phil has played w/John McLaughlin and the Mahavisnu Orchestra and other super cool folks, he’s got all the skills, and I always have a great time when he comes over to jam.
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