Everyone should have the Herbie Hancock Mega-Mix in their collection, I feel slack for not having it in mine for so long, but now that problem is solved. Caesar (the kitten by my hand) seems to dig it too. Don’t forget to set your turntable to 45RPM.
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Happy Birthday USA!!!

Things have become pretty bad in the USA the past couple of years, but the USA is a strong nation, these days won’t last and citizens who believe in the US Constitution and other great American ideals will prevail. Try not to lose any fingers lighting fireworks in the meantime!
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Happy Canada Day!

I went record shopping today, but couldn’t find a single Canadian artist, so I came back home and put in a Neil Young classic collection. I hope your Canada Day also had some Canadian artists in your ears, perhaps some Saint John And The Revelations: https://ift.tt/2NrxKrW
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