Lovely Sunday

I have a couple of days off after a week of super fun shows around Washington and Oregon, lots of singing, lots of travel, many cool folks, delicious food and beers, beautiful sights, and I think now a few hours off to collect my thoughts will be useful. Portland, we really love your beer and your food trucks and your weirdness, thank you for having us and we’re looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Last night at Anchor Pub in Everett WA was tremendous, David Johnson, Jeremy Serwer, and Paula Boggs sounded superb, and many thanks to our friends who came out to join us, see you next time!

cw: Jeremy Serwer, Paula Boggs Band, David Johnson:

l-r: Phil Hirschi, Saint John, Oliver Dye (drums), Mary Ann Miller (thank you David Johnson for the photo)

Saint John and the Revelations Live at the Anchor Pub



Live! Feb 25 At Streetcar Bistro And Taproom In Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon, we are coming back to you to sing some tunes at the Streetcar Bistro & Taproom on Thursday February 25. Portland, I can’t wait to see you again, invite some friends, we’ll have a fun night.

Streetcar Bistro & Taproom
1101 NW Northrup St
Portland OR