Live Music Every Wednesday!

Hi! I just wanted to let my friends around Kitsap County know that I sing every Wednesday at happy hour at the Dugout on Kitsap Way. 5:30-8PM. No cover, and kid friendly. Please join us!

Every Wednesday
The Dugout
4180 Kitsap Way
Bremerton WA 98312

Let’s hang out soon!



Happy Hour At The Dugout in Bremerton

Dear friends around Kitsap County, I’m singing this eve (Wednesday) at the Dugout in Bremerton from 5:30-8, no cover, all ages, and it’d be lovely to see you there! I’ll have a couple of new tunes to try out on you, and during my breaks we’ll be playing Galaga and/or Ms Pacman, if you beat me, you get a slice of my pesto pizza.



Last Happy Hour Show At Bernard’s Wednesday May 30!

Oh my, it’s been a super fun 4 years, I’ve met so many cool folks and we’ve had thousands of laughs, but my time singing at Bernard’s happy hour on Wednesdays is soon ending. My last show will be Wednesday May 30.

I really dragged my heels on making this decision, I’ve been so proud of what I accomplished there and I’m going to miss it muchly. Wednesdays used to be a pretty dead day at Bernard’s and over time we built it up to always have a superb audience every week, I could always count on it as a mood enhancement.

Please join me for my last two shows, come say goodbye and find out what I’ll be up to next!

Loudmotor still performs there on the first Friday of every month, enjoy!

All the best,


Happy Wednesday!

My weekly Wednesday happy hour shows have been so successful and fun, even with the sunny weather I’m glad folks still want to hang out in the dark basement with cheap booze and live music for a while. Please join us at Bernard’s, 315 Seneca, 5-7PM, good times guaranteed.



Happy Hour At Bernard’s On Seneca

Seattle friends, join us every Wednesday at Bernard’s on Seneca, the basement bar of the Hotel Seattle, for the Happiest Hour in Seattle. 5-7PM. Cheap booze and cool folks.

315 Seneca

Sometimes I have friends sit in with me, and every now and then I throw in a cover, like this week I’m throwing in a David Bowie cover I want to sing.



This Week’s Shows April 25-31

Seattle friends, please join me for happy hour at Bernard’s on Wednesday Apr 27, Spencer Carlson is trading sets with me, I think you’ll really dig him. Free entry, cheap booze.

Cool people around Monroe WA, join me at Twin Rivers Brewing Co this Friday, 8PM. Free entry, very delicious food, and superb beers.

Saint John and the Revelations at Twin Rivers Brewing Co in Monroe WA

Cool Illustration

My friend and superb illustrator, Joshua Boulet, stopped by my happy hour show at Bernard’s on Wednesday and drew a picture of me when I was singing ‘Madman’:

Saint John and the Revelations illustration by Joshua Boulet

Boulet also drew my ‘Welcome’ EP cover, some covers of the Seattle Weekly, and a bunch of other neat projects, he’s super-talented, keep an eye out for his work.



Happiest Hour In Seattle, New And Improved!

My happy hour show at Bernard’s will continue into 2016, with a slight but pleasant twist, I’m going to have a singer-songwriter friend join me each week to split the show between us. You’ll hear a nice variation from week to week, so join us every Wednesday at 315 Seneca in the coolest dive lounge in town, 5-7PM, no cover, and cheap booze too.




Seattle, Do You Deserve Happiness?

Seattle friends, it’s been a short work week, you probably don’t think you deserve Happy Hour today, but you do. Can you imagine how grumpy you’ll be by Friday if you don’t treat yourself to some cheap booze, good live music, and cool folks to hang around with in the coolest dive bar in town? You deserve as many good times as you can get, join us.

5-7PM at Bernard’s. 315 Seneca. $2 well drinks. $3.50 draughts. No cover. Fun.



New Sound System!

Fun news!

Mackie (sound gear company) sent me one of their new Freeplay PA systems on Friday to try and so far it’s superb!

Mackie Freeplay Saint John and the Revelations

It arrived just in time, the PA that I usually use at my happy hour show in downtown Seattle at Bernard’s just quit working a couple of weeks ago and I really needed to replace it with something. I took the Freeplay for a quick test spin on Friday for a nice crowd of 50+ folks and it worked even better than the old system, even though it’s only about 1/5 the size. Very cool.

I’m going to test it out a lot more over the next couple of weeks and give a little review for Performer Magazine, I’ll let you know how it goes.

If you want to hear it in action, join me at Bernard’s on Wednesdays from 5-7PM. 315 Seneca.

All the best,


This Week In Live Music, June 15


I have a fairly light schedule this week, but pick a show and let’s hang out!:

Wed June 17, 5-7PM, Happiest Hour in Seattle, at Bernard’s, 315 Seneca. Free. $2 well drinks, $3.50 draughts.

Wed June 17, 8-11PM, Singer Songwriter feature and open stage at The Mix Lounge in Fremont, Seattle. Free.

Fri June 19, 8PM, at Mobster Mike’s in Bremerton WA. Also with Traverdan performing. $5. Superb food and drinks.

Sat June 20, 3-10PM, at Club Tolt on the Tolt River in Carnation WA for Summer Solstice. $5. Many fun performers all day long!



Two Happy Wednesday Things!

Ok, I know it’s Wednesday, the middle of the work-week, but that’s why I put the Happiest Hour in Seattle on Wednesday afternoons right in the center of downtown at Bernard’s. 315 Seneca, 5-7PM. No cover, cheapest booze in town. I’ll be there today, see you soon!

ALSO, this Friday, we are hosting a super fun variety show with a whole bunch of talented performers at Bernard’s. 8PM. No cover. Alright. I know that’s not a happy “Wednesday” thing exactly, but I’m telling you on a Wednesday, and it’s very happy, so it’s close enough!

Bring a friend!