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Ever since I was a little kid I’ve loved listening to music on the radio. I used to sit in the kitchen with my portable radio and call up local stations to make requests for Depeche Mode and the Smiths and others, sometimes the DJ or staff would ask my age and laugh. I recently found this relic, and although I usually stream radio over the WWW now, nothing can replace the delight of tuning static breaking open to a clear signal of music. I mostly listen to @nicharcourt on @885fmsocal and various @kexp DJs these days, keeping FM alive.
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Joe Strummer ‘Johnny Appleseed’

Last week was International Clash Day, a new holiday started by Seattle radio station KEXP a few years ago and has now gone global. It gives me faith in humanity that the Clash are still beloved by music fans. There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think of Joe Strummer, I especially love his lyrical style and the soul he puts into his music. This is one of his songs I pulled up today to listen to, ‘Johnny Appleseed’:



Tune In To KSER 90.7FM In North Puget Sound Tonight At 7PM

Poptopia Parkway is spinning one of my tunes mixed in with some classics on their show this eve at 7PM PST, folks around North Puget Sound can tune in to 90.7FM, and you can stream from anywhere in the world here:



Tune In To KSER 90.7FM At 10:30PM Tonight!

Dear friends around Seattle and Everett WA, tune in to KSER 90.7FM tonight at 10:30PM PDT to hear a song or two of mine played on Unmitigated Audacity, and anyone can tune in online here:



Seattle Wave Radio

Hi! Seattle Wave Radio wrote up a nice review on my live show and CD ‘Welcome’, you can read it here:

Scroll about halfway down for the section on Saint John and the Revelations, but check out the other artists too, it’s a good line-up!



‘Hear Me Now’ added to KCWU 88.1 FM

Hi Washington friends,

I was just told that one of my songs, ‘Hear Me Now’, will be played on KCWU 88.1 FM ‘The Burg’ nearby Central Washington University.

They said they’ll add it to their list starting in Nov, but you may as well start letting them you want to hear it now!

More soon!


PS. I love community and college radio, where the DJs and Program Directors can still play what they like!

UC Davis Radio Show

I’m playing a fun hour long radio show at UC Davis on Thursday 17 Nov, starting at 11PM:

Live In Studio KDVS
90.3 FM Davis, CA

And you can tune in online:

Front Page

I love good independent college radio, it’s going to be a super fun night, tune in!