Tom Petty Live On Vinyl!

It’s been a year since Tom Petty left us, but I just picked up this record over the weekend to spin today and keep him around a bit longer. It has ‘You Got Lucky’, ‘Southern Accents’, and a bunch more of my favs.
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Committee Findings

The committee has concluded there was no way to emotionally plan for the loss of Prince, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, and Tom Petty, all in such a short timespan. Please grieve at will. The committee also found ‘Purple Rain’ on a vinyl single.
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Disco Duck

Happy Monday! I found this gem in a pile of records and I figure it might be the perfect soundtrack for reading my emails this morning. ‘Irwin The Disco Duck and the Wibble Wabble Singers and Orchestra’ must have had many challenges fitting their band name on venue marquees.
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MP3s Can’t Do This

I love opening a record and checking out the art and photos and lyrics and production staff etc., it immerses me more into the music and the moment they recorded it. This is Cheap Trick Live At The Budokan.
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Vinyl Sunset “All We Need Is Time”

I am exhausted, I feel like I’ve been to or at least through every section of Los Angeles today, increasingly late as the day raced on.

I’m back in Venice now. It’s time for a little vinyl sunset with Al Green ‘Truth n Time’:

I’m pretty sure I’ll be back out in just a few moments though, “all we need is time…”, yes please, Al, a little more time.



Nectar For My Ears

I recorded a couple demos this morning and almost finished another new song, so I’m taking a couple of hours off this afternoon and studying the masters, The Beatles ‘Rubber Soul’ on vinyl, and then ‘Wings Over America’. I got them last week and haven’t been able to listen to them since.


In a couple of hours, the whole band is meeting at Phil’s for dinner, he’s a very good cook as well as being a tremendous cellist. And then we’re out to see a show. It’ll be a fun night, and then when I get back super late I’m going to try to finish a song that’s been nagging me…

I hope your Tuesday is good too.


MP3s Don’t Come With Posters

I found this vinyl treasure at Bop Street Records (thanks Sam and Catherine for the gift card!) and I’ve been in heaven all afternoon. Wings Over America, 1976. The lights are low, and the bass is heavy, and it’s a 3 disc set.



Since you’re not here with me listening to this record, here’s a video, it’s not the same, but it’s still pretty rad:

(however, Denny Laine’s vocal mimicry at :51 seconds is inexplicable and inexcusable. Stay away from cocaine.)



Phil’s Vinyl Stash

These are some of Phil’s records:


Phil (our cellist) couldn’t find his record player, but he promised me next time I came over he’d have it dug out and I could listen to some vinyl. I think I’ll start with the Everly Brothers. Then what?

In anticipation,


Vinyl Survival Pack

I spent part of my afternoon flipping through bins of vinyl treasure at Bop Street Records in Ballard. I decided to put together a vinyl record survival pack, a little bit of Stevie Wonder, some live Ike and Tina Turner, Gordon Lightfoot greatest hits, The Temptations, and live Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

Come on over and have a listen.