Tea Mother Of Invention

One of the arms broke on my tea strainer a couple of years ago so I’ve been using a twisted used guitar string as a replacement arm. Used guitar strings appear a lot in my DIY fixit projects.
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Tea Or Trail Mix?

This looks nothing like tea. I’m out of black tea so I’m rummaging through the tea I have for guests that don’t drink real tea. Actually, I’m walking to the store, this “tea” won’t work. At least I have some trail mix for the walk.
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I Don’t Keep Rock Star Hours

Good morning!

I’m usually awake pretty early, I like to watch the sunrise and tea tastes better when it’s quiet and with cool morning air. I can also complete many more tasks without the distractions that arise when more people are awake.


As you can see, I also like my Doctor Who tea mug.

Enjoy your day!


Tonight, Live At Blakeslee’s In Forks WA!


I’m having a cup of tea and a doughnut waiting for my ferry; I’m on a little road trip to Forks WA for a show at Blakeslee’s at 7PM. All Ages.  

I’m leaving early because we’re heading to the coast first, I’ve heard it’s lovely around there. 

See you soon!


Happy Saturday April 26

It was a gorgeous morning. Earl Grey tea, doughnut, and Paul McCartney ‘Ram’ in the earbuds.

Other things going on:

Please help fund/pre-order my next EP , ‘Welcome’: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-fund-saint-john-and-the-revelations-new-ep-welcome

And we have a really good show coming up at the Nectar Lounge in Fremont on May 26. https://www.sjatr.com/memorial-day-rain-city-rock-concert/

Enjoy your Saturday!


How To Make Better Tea

It is a proven scientific fact that tea cooled by morning air on the sill of an open window tastes at least 23% better than tea cooled on the counter while you mindlessly watch some stupid
morning talk show.


And by “scientific fact” I mean that I totally made it up, but it’s still true.



Pu-erh Tea Pairing

I am an Earl Grey tea drinker, always have been, and probably always will be. But I like many different teas, including the one I am drinking right now, pu-erh tea:


My new friend, Ta Fe, introduced me to this tea from the Yunnan province in China, where his family has a tea plantation. It’s very light and a little bit naturally sweet, and supposedly pretty healthy too. They age this tea and it gets more expensive like fine wine.

This tea is paired nicely with Fats Domino and Placebo, which I’m doing right now, very refreshing.



Need Any Help With That? I’ve been meditatively enjoying…

Need Any Help With That?

I’ve been meditatively enjoying a cup of tea in Luca’s back yard while he loads his drums into the truck. We head out soon to West Hollywood to play a show at Bar Lubitsch at 8.

He only had one more piece of gear to haul into the car when I asked him if he needed any help. My timing is impeccable.