Movies I’ve Never Seen

I am a little bit culturally behind many of my friends (and many humans in general), so I started a list of movies I hear people talking about all the time but I haven’t yet experienced. Which do you recommend I start with?
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1000 Plus

I’m pretty sure I’ve performed well over 1000 shows, especially considering how many I’ve played over the past five years around the Pacific Northwest, and I decided to try to compile a list of types of venues I’ve had the pleasure (usually) to experience so far:

Coffee shops
Chocolate/Candy shops
Cannabis shops & 4/20 Events
Strip Club bar
Super Bowl Parties
Bachelorette Parties
Streets in over a dozen countries
Radio Shows
Farmers Markets
Nature viewpoints
Dive Bars/Classy Bars/Biker Bars
Popup clothing shops
Charity Events
Political Rallies
Trucks beds

I’m sure I’ve missed a few, this is just a quick and dirty list, but it feels good knowing I’ve written songs that fit every situation, and it’s been wonderful to meet so many people from a gorgeous broad spectrum of humanity. I hope to see you at a show soon, wherever it might be.



It’s a very relaxing feeling when I have lots of guitar strings, I got a 10-pack to get me through the rest of the year. Come to my show this eve at the Dugout in Bremerton or this Friday at Murphy’s in Seattle to see if I know how to use these strings.
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Play Me Play Me Play Me!

My guitar is sitting there tempting me to play her, but I have a three hour show today so I’m saving my fingers for that. Discipline. Come by for some tunes today at @decibelbrewing in Bothell, 4:30-7:30, super tasty craft beers, no cover, kid friendly, Also with Oliver on percussion and Jake @jakepguitar playing electric guitar.
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O Doctor! My Doctor!

The first episode of Jodie Whitaker as the new Doctor in Doctor Who airs tomorrow, I’m sure she’ll be awesome, but Peter Capaldi is the best best best Doctor ever. How many of his episodes will I watch today? Only time can tell.
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Tom Petty Live On Vinyl!

It’s been a year since Tom Petty left us, but I just picked up this record over the weekend to spin today and keep him around a bit longer. It has ‘You Got Lucky’, ‘Southern Accents’, and a bunch more of my favs.
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I See A Little Silhouetto Of A Cat

Orange Cat was taking advantage of the full moonlight to survey her territory last night. We are all grateful for her protection. She thinks this may be a good picture for her comic book cover, do you agree?
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