Sam Bond’s Garage This Sunday

I’m excited to adventure down to Eugene Oregon this Sunday and sing some songs at Sam Bond’s Garage, it’s a great venue in a fun town. 9PM.

Sunday April 15
Sam Bond’s Garage
407 Blair
Eugene OR

Also performing, Whopner County!

Please join us.



Oregon Weekend, Mar 9 & 10

I’ll be singing in Bend Oregon on Friday at Spoken Moto Cafe, and then at Calapooia Brewing in Albany on Saturday. Please join me for some fun!

Friday Mar 9
Spoken Moto Cafe
310 SW Industrial Way
Bend OR 97702

Friday Mar 10
Calapooia Brewing
140 NE Hill St
Albany OR 97321



This Friday At Barley Brown Taproom In Baker City OR

I have a special solo show this Friday at the Barley Brown Taproom in Baker City OR, 7-10PM, this will be my first time there, I’m looking forward to a road trip. If you’re in the area, please come by and have a beverage and listen to some tunes.

Barley Brown Taproom
Fri Feb 2
2200 Main St
Baker City, OR 97814

Pacific Northwest, You Are Gorgeous

Our Oregon adventure has been wonderful so far, I don’t get a lot of time for camping so I like to perform a couple of shows per year near some nice camping opportunities. I’m glad we were able to squeeze in a few nights this year. We were in The Dalles last night, and we’ll be in Bend tonight at the Velvet Lounge.

I’ll be back in Seattle on Sunday afternoon for a full-band show at the waterfront by the Great Wheel. 2:30PM, free and all ages, stop by if you can.



LIVE! At The Axe & Fiddle In Cottage Grove Oregon Fri May 27

We’re singing some songs at the Axe & Fiddle in Cottage Grove, Oregon on Friday May 27. 8:30PM, free entry, and there is an art walk that evening, it should be a really fun night, join us!

Fri, May 27
Axe & Fiddle
657 E Main St,
Cottage Grove, OR
Free Entry



Streetcar Bistro & Taproom Portland Oregon Thur Feb 25

Dear cool people of Portland Oregon, we are coming to sing some songs with you this Thursday, Feb 25, at the Streetcar Bistro & Taproom. 7PM, no cover, invite some friends!

Saint John and the Revelations at the Streetcar Bistro & Taproom Portland Oregon

Streetcar Bistro & Taproom
1101 NW Northrup St
Portland, OR
No Cover

Live! Feb 25 At Streetcar Bistro And Taproom In Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon, we are coming back to you to sing some tunes at the Streetcar Bistro & Taproom on Thursday February 25. Portland, I can’t wait to see you again, invite some friends, we’ll have a fun night.

Streetcar Bistro & Taproom
1101 NW Northrup St
Portland OR



Live! Saturday August 29 At Jade Lounge In Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon area friends, I’m coming to sing some songs and hang out with you and the ever-delightful and talented Amy Bleu at the Jade Lounge at 6PM this Saturday. All ages, no cover.

Bring a friend, we’re going to have a fun night!



Sat March 8 at Mississippi Pizza Pub, Portland OR

Portlanders! I’m coming to sing some tunes for you this weekend.

Let’s get together at the Mississippi Pizza Pub at 6PM this Saturday and start the night off with some live music and then get into some trouble after, cool?

See you soon!



Portland! Saturday Oct 26

Hi Portland!

I’m coming to sing some songs to you this Saturday at the Mississippi Pizza Pub to open Redwood Son’s show, it’s going to be super good, I promise.

Mississippi Pizza Pub
3552 N Mississippi Ave
Portland, Oregon 97227


See you there!


Pacific Northwest Tour: Day 6 and 7

Days 6 and 7. Why does it have to end?

So much happened in seven days, I’ll never be able to describe the whole tour in a blog. Overall, it was an exciting adventure for all of us.

We are very indebted to the folks that helped us get the heck out of town and offered encouragement from home. Just knowing that they were home keeping track of where we were and how we were doing and cheering us on helped give us tons of confidence. Thank you!

And then to all the folks we met on the road, at shows, at pubs, on the streets, cafés, gas stations, etc., and came out to connect with our music, you’re the reason why we packed that SUV to the point where we were all smashed in and drove too many hours in a day without knowing where we would be sleeping, eating, showering, peeing or pooping. We love playing music for you, plain and simple. We LOVE it.

It was really great to get out of LA for a week and meet and play for folks in NorCal and Oregon. I really like what they have going on in their towns and cities. The vibe they create is laid back, fun, kind, the food and beer is delicious, the scenery is gorgeous with all the trees, mountains, and rivers, and they really value music in their lives. The venues we played were friendly, professional, and committed to getting good music for their patrons. LA venues can learn a lot from the venues up north.

NorCal and Oregon, we’re coming back soon. I promise. We love your beer, we love your little hippie enclaves, we love your food, we love your vibe.

See you soon!



Pacific Northwest Tour: Day 5

Day 5, still alive!!!

Today was another sightseeing day. Gabriel and Emma went to a museum while Luca and I went eating and drinking. That’s not exactly true, but not exactly false either.

My friend Greg who lives in Portland came by and picked up me and Luca and we went to a couple of cool bars. We also tried some food at these carts that Portland has all around town, kind of like how Venice Beach has the food trucks that swarm around on popular nights. But these carts are here all the time. Surprisingly tasty and inexpensive, which is good for poor gypsies like ourselves.

One of the bars we went to had a large outdoor seating area with wooden beer hall style tables. Right where I sat down someone had carved a “Venice 13” skull into the table. It was nice to have a little taste of home defaced coincidentally(?) right in front of me.

Our last show in Portland was interesting. We met one of the other bands and they graciously offered to put us up for the night. Ghost Town Waltz, you guys rock! One of our previous cellists was also in town by coincidence and she came to our show at the Ash Street Saloon. Meghan, it was great to see you! We really have liked everyone we’ve met in Portland so far, really good folks.

We’re off to Eugene for our last show up North on this tour. It’s a place called Sam Bond’s Garage and we’ve heard lots of great things about it so we’re looking forward to another fun show. I love living in Venice Beach, but LA just doesn’t have the great vibe for music that Portland does. Portland, rock on with what you’ve got, we’ll see you again soon!

All the best,


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