Elvis Costello Fiona Apple ‘I Want You’

I’ve posted this video before, a few years ago, but this version of ‘I Want You’ by Fiona Apple singing and Elvis Costello on guitar is so good I have to post it again:

Elvis’ guitar backing on this is incredibly tasty.



Joe Strummer ‘Johnny Appleseed’

Last week was International Clash Day, a new holiday started by Seattle radio station KEXP a few years ago and has now gone global. It gives me faith in humanity that the Clash are still beloved by music fans. There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think of Joe Strummer, I especially love his lyrical style and the soul he puts into his music. This is one of his songs I pulled up today to listen to, ‘Johnny Appleseed’:



B.B. King

The first band I was ever in was a Blues band, I played guitar, I didn’t sing. ‘Lazy Dog Blues Band’ was our name; the singer and I both worked at the same record shop. We both came from different musical roots, but we both LOVED blues music, so we decided to form a band. We would agonise over which songs to include in our set, but of course B.B. King had hold over the both of us, so we had to include one of his standards. I still occasionally throw ‘Rock Me Baby’ into my set because of B.B. King’s influence on me.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve already heard that B.B. King died; and I’m displeased with entropy, as usual. I’m glad I saw him live a couple of times, it was like higher education.

At least we have him recorded and his soul can still be heard forever, here’s a tremendous version of ‘Stormy Monday’, B.B. King showing us how it’s done:

Happy Equinox – With Joni, Mama, And Mary

We’ll have pretty much equal parts day and equal parts night on this lovely September equinox Sunday. I will put it to good use with a little bit of writing, maybe I’ll ruminate on the virtues of balance.

Enjoy Joni Mitchell, Mama Cass, and Mary Travers singing ‘I Shall Be Released’, their harmonies might make your soul explode:



Worried Life Blues

You can spend your whole life worrying about things that never happen, but today let’s just follow some good advice and not worry our lives anymore.

Here is Clarence Gatemouth Brown and Canned Heat performing ‘Worried Life Blues’:

“I want you to get funky, I want grease dripping off the bandstand”.



Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers out there!

Here’s some live Gordon Lightfoot for my mother, ‘Summer Side of Life’:

She’d prefer ‘Rainy Day People’, but I couldn’t find a live version on YouTube.