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No matter how much appreciation Elvis Costello gets as a songwriter, it will never be enough:

And then once he (never) gets enough songwriting accolades, I think we’d have to spend some time praising his voice also.

This song is from my favourite Elvis Costello album, ‘Spike’, which will probably never get me any respect amongst most in the Elvis Costello fan club, but I know what I like.



An Itch I Needed Scratching

I got this song stuck in my head, it’s from an Elvis Costello album that I used to listen to all the time when I was a kid, ‘Spike’. Yes, I had really weird music tastes for a kid. But anyway, the song is called ‘Baby Plays Around’, and I was relieved to find it on YouTube so I could scratch this musical itch:

This live version is gorgeous. I’ve closed my eyes and listened to it three times while taking breaks from posting this. Ok, I’ll finally press “send”.



Fresh ocean air, half in the Sun, half in the shade. I was doing…

Fresh oean air, half in the Sun, half in the shade. I was doing a little YouTube song hunting and came across this bit of sinister musical gorgeousness, Fiona Apple and Elvis Costello singing Costello’s I Want You, which is one of my favs of his already. The both of them together puts it over the top with the tone of his guitar and the venomous love in her voice. I don’t think I’d want her to sing this to me like this. 

Who am I kidding? Of course I would.




Elvis Costello has always been one of my favourite songwriters,…

Elvis Costello has always been one of my favourite songwriters, and here he is with Ron Sexsmith performing Everyday I Write The Book (note the first minute of the video is just jibber-jabber, skip to the 1 minute mark to get to the song). Hearing Ron sing it and this new style of playing it reminds me of how songs can be changed and given a new life. I like the honesty and the tone of this one, there are a lot more varied emotions in it, it sounds more conflicted to me. 

It also reminded me that it’s very easy for me to lose a whole morning while finding cool tracks on YouTube.