Hidden Stash!

I found a secret (even to me) stash of my ‘Welcome’ CD in a box in storage, nice surprise! It features the amazing drumming of Bill Rieflin, rad bass by Scott McCaughey, and legendary guitars by Peter Buck. Come to a show while supplies last, I thought we sold out a while back and it’s a limited edition (1000 copies) so get yours soon.
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Fancy Cooling System

It’s a bit hotter than usual today in Washington, so I have a super technically advanced cooling system set up for my computer while I record. I have more water bottles in the freezer ready to be swapped out when these melt.
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Nice Summer So Far

Happy Wednesday! It’s been a gorgeous Summer so far in the Pacific Northwest, and as the Sun sets on my very productive day, I just wanted to enjoy a moment of gratitude for the folks who have been coming out to our shows. This year has been the best yet, thank you! www.sjatr.com/shows
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Sun Jul 8 At Decibel Brewing

Let’s finish off the weekend right with some tasty craft beer and live music this afternoon at Decibel Brewing in Bothell WA. 4-7PM, all ages, no cover. I’m going to fill this beer growler with some of their Pocketful Of Gold IPA after my show for my day off on Monday. Anticipation. @decibelbrewing
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You’ve Got Mail

This is one of our more clever merch ideas, a download postcard for our song ‘Mexico’. Folks buy them at shows and then send them off to friends, and with a little download code on the back their friends can then get the song. I love seeing new downloads in our stats from all around the world.
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