White Hoods In The White House – Video

I recorded a new video, a solo acoustic performance of ‘White Hoods In The White House’. It is very inspiring to see so many people across the USA standing up for what’s right and resisting the current occupants of the White House.

“If you need us we’ll be out in the street, marching for our children, it won’t be on TV…”


Stay strong!


‘Christmas Fire’ Anti-XMas Song

We recorded a fun song for folks who aren’t really in the Christmas spirit, ‘Christmas Fire’:

Phil Hirschi – cello
Abby London – electric piano
Cory Cavazos – bass
Mary Ann Miller – backing vocals
Oliver Dye – drums
Saint John – guitar/vocals

Sunset Slideshow (and Mexico demo)

I put together a slideshow of sunset photos taken from my phone, and put a recording of ‘Mexico’ as the backing track, enjoy!



PS!!! If you like to help us put ‘Mexico’ on a full album, please chip in a couple of bucks, thank you!https://www.sjatr.com/product/please-help-us-record-a-new-album/

Elvis Costello Fiona Apple ‘I Want You’

I’ve posted this video before, a few years ago, but this version of ‘I Want You’ by Fiona Apple singing and Elvis Costello on guitar is so good I have to post it again:

Elvis’ guitar backing on this is incredibly tasty.



YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/saintjohnvideo

I know that a lot of you like to use YouTube for listening to music, and we’re trying to get better about posting videos, so if you’d like to hear some tunes of ours on YouTube, here you go:


You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and you’ll get updated immediately when we’ve uploaded new clips.



Video: Cover Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

Usually when I perform covers, they are more obscure songs or songs that folks haven’t heard in a long time. I went back into the forest and I decided to defy myself:

Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ performed in the forest outside of Seattle with a portable Mackie FreePlay PA. My version is slightly different to Taylor’s, I hope she doesn’t mind.