Webcast Show Schedule Spring 2020

We’re going to try the following schedule for our weekly webcasts, all times are Pacific Standard Time:

Sundays at Noon
Tuesdays at Noon
Wednesdays at Noon
Fridays at Noon
Saturdays at 7PM


These times seem to be working for folks, but let me know if changing any of these times would help you tune in, we want to accommodate anybody in any time zone.



Plugged Back In

I took a week off from social media, it felt amazing. Folks are always telling me I need to post/interact more to help create a social media presence that will help me sell my music, and they’re right, so now I’m always evaluating everything I’m doing or thinking and wondering if I should share it online. It’s a huge waste of brain time.

After a couple of days away, I noticed my mind became a bit quieter, I was able to focus more on making things rather than thinking of things to type to people. Bliss.

Anyway, that’s my holiday story. I didn’t go someplace tropical and play in the ocean, but it was still a restful vacation. I’m back now, and even though I appreciated my break, it’s super lovely to see you again!

Let’s hang out at a show soon.