Is That….Is That Aretha?!?!?

“Is that…is that Aretha?!?!”

In the Summer of 2008 I was getting my first record mastered at Capitol Records, it was my first time there and the engineer gave me a tour of the studios. We walked down a hall and one of the doors was shut but I could hear a voice singing that I’ve heard thousands of times before. I turned and said “Is that…is that Aretha?!?!?”, the engineer smiled to confirm and I almost spontaneously combusted in excitement. On the other side of that door was one of the best voices in rock & roll.

Throughout the day I kept walking down the hall hoping the door would open and I could get a glimpse, and sure enough it was wide open later that afternoon. I peered in, but no one was there, and the studio was covered with Christmas decorations. I figured it out quickly, Aretha was recording a holiday album in the middle of Summer and was using the decorations to get in the “spirit”, she was such a pro. I didn’t get to meet her, but knowing I was working down the hall from one of my heroes was truly inspiring.

I heard Aretha left us today, I hope she knows how much we all love her for sharing her voice.



Thank You Seattle!

Last night at Murphy’s was amazing, thank you to everyone who came out and sang and danced and howled along! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the High Dive on Aug 26 with some new tunes and a new band member. Fun.
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Tea Mother Of Invention

One of the arms broke on my tea strainer a couple of years ago so I’ve been using a twisted used guitar string as a replacement arm. Used guitar strings appear a lot in my DIY fixit projects.
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Data And Lore

If your data doesn’t exist in two different places, it doesn’t exist. All storage devices fail, so back up your cool stuff. I’m spending a couple of hours to back up our recent recordings.
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Supernatural Radio

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve loved listening to music on the radio. I used to sit in the kitchen with my portable radio and call up local stations to make requests for Depeche Mode and the Smiths and others, sometimes the DJ or staff would ask my age and laugh. I recently found this relic, and although I usually stream radio over the WWW now, nothing can replace the delight of tuning static breaking open to a clear signal of music. I mostly listen to @nicharcourt on @885fmsocal and various @kexp DJs these days, keeping FM alive.
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Murphy’s Pub This Friday

We always have such a great time singing at Murphy’s Pub in Seattle, join us for a fun night this Friday! You may want to bring your dancing shoes, it’s a good spot to get loose and shake it a bit. 9PM, no cover, 21+. @murphyspubseattle
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Committee Findings

The committee has concluded there was no way to emotionally plan for the loss of Prince, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, and Tom Petty, all in such a short timespan. Please grieve at will. The committee also found ‘Purple Rain’ on a vinyl single.
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Rock The Nation 2018!

We are going to ‘Rock The Nation’ this Saturday in Carnation WA with a bunch of other great bands from around the Pacific Northwest, good times guaranteed!

It starts at noon at the Tolt Commons, we’ll go on around 4PM, but get there early and stick around for a day of awesome music. Free, all ages,

I performed two shows yesterday, this photo is at the second one w/Oliver on drums, Tracyton Public House, a night of live tunes and cool people. Thank you very much to everyone who came out and made it a very fun and special night! @tracytonpublichouse And thank you @homebaseseattle for the photo!
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Unhinged Robin

This is AlexJones, a male robin that lives in the apple tree out front. He is always angry and yelling, and is otherwise unhinged and spreads conspiracy theories about how the cat is trying to start a civil war in the front yard so I better “lock her up”. The cat is very patient with the bird…for now.
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Fancy Cooling System

It’s a bit hotter than usual today in Washington, so I have a super technically advanced cooling system set up for my computer while I record. I have more water bottles in the freezer ready to be swapped out when these melt.
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Tied Up For A Moment

I’m on my way back to the USA from Canada and I found a neat used book to read, ‘The Elegant Universe’ by Brian Greene, for the ferry ride. It’s an older book (2000) covering String Theory, but it’s still super fascinating to see how far some of the ideas have progressed (and stalled) in the past few years. I would help with humans discovering a grand unified theory between General Relativity and the Standard Model, but I still have songs to write. @brian_greene111
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Disco Duck

Happy Monday! I found this gem in a pile of records and I figure it might be the perfect soundtrack for reading my emails this morning. ‘Irwin The Disco Duck and the Wibble Wabble Singers and Orchestra’ must have had many challenges fitting their band name on venue marquees.
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