Tracyton Public House This Saturday April 7

Friends and live music lovers around Bremerton WA, please join me this Saturday at Tracyton Public House, I’ll start singing at 8PM and go until 11PM. Mary Ann and Oliver are joining me too. Super fun.

Sat Apr 7
Tracyton Public House
403 NW Tracy Ave
Bremerton WA 98311
Free, 21+

Tonight At Anelia’s Kitchen In La Conner WA Fri Mar 23

Oliver is packing up some percussion instruments and we’re heading to La Conner to sing some tunes at Anelia’s Kitchen this evening, 7:30-9:30, please join us!

Fri Mar 22
Anelia’s Kitchen
513 1st St La Conner WA
98257 USA
Free, All Ages



Photos From Our Hi Fidelity Show

We had a superb show at the Hi Fidelity Lounge last Saturday, we recorded video and audio but there’s gigabytes of data to go through so give us a little time before we see some of that. However, in the meantime here are some pics from the show:

Saint John and the Revelations (Phil, SJ, Oliver, Mary Ann, Abby, Cory) live at the Hi Fidelity Lounge Sept 30.
Photo by Norm Bowler
Saint John and the Revelations (Phil, SJ, Oliver, Mary Ann, Abby, Cory) live at the Hi Fidelity Lounge Sept 30.
Photo by Norm Bowler
Phil Hirschi and Saint John live at the Hi Fidelity Lounge Sept 30.
Photo by Norm Bowler
Phil Hirschi and Saint John live at the Hi Fidelity Lounge Sept 30.
Photo by Norm Bowler
Mary Ann Miller (vocals) and Oliver Dye (drums) live at the Hi Fidelity Lounge Sept 30.
Photo by Norm Bowler

Tonight At Hi-Fidelity Lounge!

We have a fun band show tonight at the Hi-Fidelity Lounge in Bremerton WA. Oliver on drums, Mary Ann singing, and Cory playing bass guitar. 8PM start. No cover. 21+.

I was just reviewing the set list, it’s a pretty upbeat show we have planned, please join us for a fun night!

Friday May 26 8PM
Hi Fidelity Lounge
2711 6th St
Bremerton WA 98312
No Cover, 21+


This Thursday At Queen Anne Beerhall in Seattle 6PM

We’re performing a fun full-band show this Thursday, April 21, at Queen Anne Beerhall in Seattle WA, 6PM, free entry, delicious brews and food in a cool European style beer hall.

Saint John and the Revelations live at the Queen Anne Beerhall in Seattle WA

Mary Anne will sing a semi-new song I wrote, ‘As Good As It Gets’, Oliver on drums, and Phil Hirschi on cello. Good times guaranteed.


Songwriting Procrastination Percolation

Sometimes when I’m writing a song I’ll wait and wait and wait to finish the last line of the last verse, unbelievable procrastination, and I think there are a few reasons why. First, I LOVE writing songs, and I never want it to end, it’s like a delicious meal where you never get too full. And second, I need to make sure the song is really finished, so I figure if I take a little longer, the best possible idea will have had time to percolate. Third, what if it sucks?! What if it sucks. And fourth, sometimes I just get too busy to make time to be focused enough to say “it’s done!”

Well, I decided yesterday to be finished with a new song, ‘As Good As It Gets’, and we debuted it tonight and it got one of the biggest applause of the night. I can’t wait to hear Mary Ann sing it.

Come to a show soon and see if you dig the new tune, I think it has some pretty cool bits in it:

PS. And thank you Oliver for letting me spring a new song on you on stage at a show, you’re a champion!

Photos From Sirens In Port Townsend WA

Here are some photos from our show Friday night in Port Townsend WA at Sirens, Mary Ann and Oliver sounded tremendous, and we had a fun time with a bunch of our friends and new fans, thank you for hanging out with us!:

We are coming back to Port Townsend on April 8, let’s have some fun again soon: SJ

Port Townsend WA, We’ll See You This Friday At Sirens

Friends and fans around Port Townsend WA, join us this Friday, Oliver and Mary Ann and I will be at Sirens at 9PM, super fun times guaranteed. I’ll be stopping by Waterfront Pizza before the show for a slice of pizza too, it is possibly the best pizza I’ve had in Washington.

Saint John and the Revelations live at Sirens



Reminder: Tonight At Queen Anne Beerhall

Join us this evening at Queen Anne Beerhall in Seattle WA, 6-9PM, no cover, delicious beers and food, you, me, us, good times guaranteed. Also, Phil Rose, the Beer Sonnetteer is going to give us a live reading of some of his beer-dedicated sonnetts, super fun.

203 W Thomas St
Seattle, WA 98119

See you tonight!



Port Townsend WA! We’ll See You March 11 At Sirens

We had such a fun night last time at Port Townsend, we’re super happy to be coming back to perform at Sirens on Friday March 11, 9PM.


We’ll be singing until midnight, come and have fun night with us and some live music, Sirens also has tasty beverages and food. See you soon!


Mary Ann Is On Twitter Too @thefirstmaryann

Hi, Mary Ann, our second vocalist (in order of appearance, not quality), is on Twitter, you can say “hi” to her here:

She’s pretty friendly, and a wickedly good cook, we have delicious meals for band rehearsal, she might give up a recipe if you ask nicely.

Saint John and the Revelations at Columbia City Theatre
L-R Mary Ann Miller (vocals), Saint John (vocals,guitar), Oliver Dye (drums), Phil Hirschi (cello).

More updates soon, we have a lot going on this year.



Thank You, Portland!

Dear Portland Oregon, we had such a fun night singing songs and hanging out with you at the Hawthorne Theatre Lounge, and it was super nice to be able to have Oliver and Mary Ann on stage with me in one of my favourite cities, I think they’ve fallen in love with you too. Elke Robitaille and the Talbott Brothers were stupendous, we can’t wait to perform with them again, go check out there music if you haven’t heard it yet.

We are coming back to hang out with you again on Thursday Feb 25 at the Streetcar Bistro and Taphouse, see you soon!



Band Show At Ghostfish Brewery In SoDo Thur Dec 17


Olly (percussion), Phil (cello), Mary Ann (vocals), and I will be singing at Ghostfish Brewery in SoDo this Thursday, Jan 17. No Cover, 6-8PM, invite your beer-and-live-music-loving friends:


See you soon!