I Hope This Isn’t Terrible

I just read that they made a tribute record for the Beatles’ album ‘Please Please Me’:


This is such a precarious event to produce and record and can go wrong in so many, many ways, but I look forward to hearing the results, it also sounds like a really fun idea.

I suppose if I had played on it, I would have signed us up to do ‘A Taste Of Honey’. Hmmmm, or ‘I Saw Her Standing There’. Tough choice. I must have had my phone turned off when they called.



The Beatles White Album Remastered

I needed to take a break from playing guitar and singing, I’ve been going non-stop for the past few days with writing and rehearsal and my body and mind just needed a break. So, I cracked open the Beatles White Album remaster, and holy fekk, it is just so much better than the original digital remaster version.

I don’t know how they could in good conscience for so long subject whole generations of Beatles fans to the painfully substandard original digital mastered CDs, me included. I feel cheated and robbed. But at least now I can relax and revel in each new nuance in these remastered versions of some of the best music in history.

Don’t bother calling for the next couple of hours.