Last Happy Hour Show At Bernard’s Wednesday May 30!

Oh my, it’s been a super fun 4 years, I’ve met so many cool folks and we’ve had thousands of laughs, but my time singing at Bernard’s happy hour on Wednesdays is soon ending. My last show will be Wednesday May 30.

I really dragged my heels on making this decision, I’ve been so proud of what I accomplished there and I’m going to miss it muchly. Wednesdays used to be a pretty dead day at Bernard’s and over time we built it up to always have a superb audience every week, I could always count on it as a mood enhancement.

Please join me for my last two shows, come say goodbye and find out what I’ll be up to next!

Loudmotor still performs there on the first Friday of every month, enjoy!

All the best,


Seattle, Do You Deserve Happiness?

Seattle friends, it’s been a short work week, you probably don’t think you deserve Happy Hour today, but you do. Can you imagine how grumpy you’ll be by Friday if you don’t treat yourself to some cheap booze, good live music, and cool folks to hang around with in the coolest dive bar in town? You deserve as many good times as you can get, join us.

5-7PM at Bernard’s. 315 Seneca. $2 well drinks. $3.50 draughts. No cover. Fun.