Songwriting Procrastination Percolation

Sometimes when I’m writing a song I’ll wait and wait and wait to finish the last line of the last verse, unbelievable procrastination, and I think there are a few reasons why. First, I LOVE writing songs, and I never want it to end, it’s like a delicious meal where you never get too full. And second, I need to make sure the song is really finished, so I figure if I take a little longer, the best possible idea will have had time to percolate. Third, what if it sucks?! What if it sucks. And fourth, sometimes I just get too busy to make time to be focused enough to say “it’s done!”

Well, I decided yesterday to be finished with a new song, ‘As Good As It Gets’, and we debuted it tonight and it got one of the biggest applause of the night. I can’t wait to hear Mary Ann sing it.

Come to a show soon and see if you dig the new tune, I think it has some pretty cool bits in it:

PS. And thank you Oliver for letting me spring a new song on you on stage at a show, you’re a champion!

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