Happy Saturday April 27 2013!

Good morning!

Songwriting makes some mornings feel like Christmas. I wake up, and the first thing in my head is the song I was working on before I went to sleep, so I get right up and move straight to my guitar. It’s kind of like I remember asking Santa Claus for a bike for Christmas, and I was pretty good all year, so there’s a reasonable chance it’ll be there Christmas morning, but you never know, because sometimes Santa is a prick, but then you rush down and you see the shiny bike by the Christmas tree, and all is righteous in the world.

When I woke up and went straight to my guitar this morning and picked it up with a little anxiety that maybe I forgot what I was playing, but it all flowed right out, and it was still pretty good so I smiled and played it through a few times. Santa really deserves some credit though, it’s not even Christmas, and I haven’t been that good this year.

Thank you, SC!



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