Paid In Chocolate/Thank You Sultan!

Thank you Sultan for a very chocolatey weekend!

Benjamin, BJ, Phil, and I ventured to Sultan, Washington for a couple of fun shows at Galaxy Chocolates (deservedly famous for having some amazing treats) on Friday and Saturday nights. And it’s the only chocolate shop that I’ve ever seen with a stage.

Here’s a pic of Phil in meditation right after we set up:


After this moment of moody quiet contemplation, we played some fun tunes and had some laughs, we just like to look serious sometimes.

Sultan, we had a great time, we’re looking forward to seeing you again!



Tonight we play in Sultan WA!!!

Tonight, the full band plays at Galaxy Chocolates in Sultan WA! All ages and FREE! 8PM. 501 Main St. It’s nice to take a break from playing at bars and clubs and play someplace with delicious chocolate milkshakes instead (and super tasty baked treats, etc).

Galaxy Chocolates are known throughout the state for having some of the best hand-crafted chocolate around. Sultan is also having a fun street fair and car show today, we’ll see you there!




Thank You Everett!

It was another good day to play rock-and-roll music. We had a fun show at the Everett Music Hall today, here’s a pic of Benjamin setting up his drums:


It’s fun when you get to play on a proper stage and have multiple tiers to jump around on, BJ refused to be a Solid Gold dancer though. I was shameless.

The audience in Everett was lovely and we made a bunch of new fans so we’re looking forward to getting back there.

Here is our upcoming show schedule:



Thank you Sultan!

People in the big cities don’t understand that folks on the outskirts need rock-and-roll love too, so last night we had a little party in Sultan, just about an hour outside of Seattle. Well, it was actually a pretty big party, and we met a whole bunch of new friends. Many thanks to the Mystic Arrows and all of the very cool folks we hung out with last night, we can’t wait to come back again soon!

I’ll be smiling and laughing all day, we can’t wait for next time.