Live! Duo (w/cello) Show Tue Sept 1 At Hattie’s Hat In Ballard, Seattle WA

Hi, next Tuesday, Sept 1, Phil (rock-and-roll cello wizard) and I are performing at Hattie’s Hat in Ballard, 8PM, No cover, All ages. We love performing in this room, it’s always a fun night!

Live at Hattie's Hat Tuesday Sept 1 Saint John and the Revelations and Brendan Regan

Also singing is Brendan Regan, you will love his Irish folk influenced songs, see you soon!



Just Barely St. Patrick’s Day

Hi Seattle friends! I’m hosting a low-key just-barely St. Patrick’s Day music evening at Bernard’s tonight. Early, 7-9PM. No green beer. No pinching for not wearing green. There will be some extra Guinness on hand, and one or two traditional Irish tunes, but that’s about it.

315 Seneca
Cheap booze

See you soon!