The Beer Sonnetteer

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Phil Rose, The Beer Sonnetteer, a friend of mine who writes delightful Shakespearean sonnets about beer. He recently wrote a sonnet about Outer Planet’s IPA, Kumbaya Supernova, which is also named after my song, so it’s a nice tribute to a tribute. I’ve reposted it here and a link to his website where you can read his other poetic tributes to beers of many styles.

EPISODE 24: Kumbaya Supernova IPA

Outer Planet Craft Brewing “Kumbaya Supernova” IPA
(Named from the song by Saint John and the Revelations)

If you’re a cowboy roaming outer space
Driving your doggies under distant stars
On moon slit nights in some red-desert place
Monument Valley, say, or Planet Mars

You’ll need some ale to drink when you’re with friends
Around the campfire, singing “Kumbaya”
A special beer, with cosmic hops, that bends
Spacetime itself, as through a twisty-straw

So start with Extra Special Bitter malt
(A British Accent, just for Doctor Who)
Then add those hops (Northwest types, by default)
Chinook, Cascade, Citra and Simcoe too

And when there’s no more beer left in your cup
Cry “Allons-y!” and “Scotty, beam me up!”

And here is his website, keep in touch with Phil for future sonnets:



It’s A Good Evening For A Kumbaya Supernova IPA

I am singing a few songs tonight at Outer Planet Craft Brewing on Capitol Hill in Seattle from 6-8PM, no cover, and they are offering $1 off Kumbaya Supernova IPAs, join us for a delightful Thursday evening.


Thurs Sept 1
Outer Planet Craft Brewing
1812 12th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

New Musical Residency – Outer Planet

Hi! It’s been a few days since we’ve posted, I’ve been busy with songwriting and other non-Internet related things, but I’m back to announce that we have a new regular fun gig in Seattle. Every third Sunday, Phil (cello) and I will be performing at Outer Planet Craft Brewing on Capitol Hill. We’ll start at 3PM and go until around 6PM, and they also have ‘Kumbaya Supernova IPA’ on tap ( a beer named after one of my songs), other tasty beverages, and pizza. Free Entry.


Our next show is Sunday August 21, join us for a delightful afternoon!


Sunday July 24 At Outer Planet Craft Brewing In Seattle 3PM

Dear friends around Seattle, Phil (cello) and I are performing a very special afternoon show at Outer Planet Brewing on Capitol Hill this Sunday at 3PM, free entry. They also have on tap an IPA named after one of our songs, ‘Kumbaya Supernova’. We’re going to have a delightful afternoon, join us!

Sunday, July 24
Outer Planet Brewing
1812 12th Ave #100
Seattle WA 98122
No Cover



PS. Outer Planet is dog friendly.