You’ve Got Mail

This is one of our more clever merch ideas, a download postcard for our song ‘Mexico’. Folks buy them at shows and then send them off to friends, and with a little download code on the back their friends can then get the song. I love seeing new downloads in our stats from all around the world.
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Sunset Slideshow (and Mexico demo)

I put together a slideshow of sunset photos taken from my phone, and put a recording of ‘Mexico’ as the backing track, enjoy!



PS!!! If you like to help us put ‘Mexico’ on a full album, please chip in a couple of bucks, thank you!

‘Mexico’ Handwritten Words and Music

I found a cool app that let’s me plug in my chord finger positions and it gives me the name of the chords I’m playing, so now I can write out my music and not be completely wrong. ‘Mexico ‘ is one of my songs that people cover the most so I figured I’d chart it out first, here are the words and chords:

Mexico Handwritten Words and Chords

You can click on the image to bring up a larger version.

Yes, I know, my handwriting is terrible. Hopefully you can Rosetta Stone your way through it.