You’ve Got Mail

This is one of our more clever merch ideas, a download postcard for our song ‘Mexico’. Folks buy them at shows and then send them off to friends, and with a little download code on the back their friends can then get the song. I love seeing new downloads in our stats from all around the world.
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Buy Saint John Some Guitar Strings

Hi, I perform around 250 shows per year, and I go through a lot of guitar strings. If you’d like to donate a set of strings to help me with my performances, they’re only $5 and I would be very grateful and will send you a personal thank you note.



NEW MERCH! Pre-Order Your Kumbaya Supernova T-Shirt

Kumbaya Supernova t-shirts are on the way, they should be here by March 14, but you can pre-order yours now and we will ship it to you right when we get them in:

And if you’re going to see me at a show soon, select the “Pick Up At A Show” free shipping option and we’ll email you to figure out which show we should bring it to. See you soon!


Dear friends, we’ve added a new merch item to our basket, a super cool Saint John and the Revelations candle:


They’re a great way to show your friends you’re in to cool new music, they seem to get tons of laughs, and they’re useful if the power goes out and you need light!

Come to a show soon to get yours!