Happy New Year!

2010 Year of the Elevator

First, we’ll start this year’s wrap-up with the fact that I’m still alive. The Universe is a dangerous place, especially for a squishy species like us humans, so I feel lucky to be alive. I did a lot this year and even just surviving through it feels like an accomplishment. But I did, and so now I can write this short summary of my year and have it disappear as a bundle of electrons on the Internet.

I recorded some of my songs with Peter Buck, Bill Rieflin, and Scott McCaughey, who typically spend their time playing with a band called R.E.M., they’re pretty good, you should check them out. They changed my life, and I’ll always be very grateful to them. I feel like they pressed the button in the elevator, took me to the top floor, and showed me around. It looks good. Who knows though, maybe I’ll just move to a tropical island and play ukulele on the beach.

I organised a festival at the beach called Venicestock, the artists who played were really great, and there were some really excellent folks who made it happen.

I went on my first tour. It felt good, and it felt right. New cities, new venues, new people, new food and beer, I could definitely do it a few more times.

I met tons of new friends this year, very lovely folks who I hope have a great 2011 and whom I hope to see again very soon and often.

I keep thinking of all the things I did this last year and what I should put into this journal entry. Some of it just can’t go here I guess, but that’s fine. It’s time to get ready for New Year’s Eve and start the next year anyway.

In the end, 2010 was probably the hardest and most challenging year of my life, and the most rewarding. I survived and learned more and accomplished more than any year before, and it feels good to be looking at it all for a second and remembering it. Most people say their years feel shorter as they get older, but this year seemed to be the longest yet for me, in a good way. I need more time though, and I have some unfinished endeavours from this year and I’m looking forward to seeing them through this next year.

So next year: 2011 Year of the Caravan

I hope that you are happy, healthy, will get you need, and put in what you can into 2011!



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