What’s Going On?: June Gloom

Hanging out on the couch (as I have been for the past 3 weeks), waiting for the band to arrive for our Sunday acoustic rehearsal. They are stuck in traffic. I’ll give them a pass though, they did a great job at our gig on Friday.

It’s another June Gloom day here in Venice Beach, CA. Hopefully the haze will burn off in a bit so we can go back to our regularly scheduled Summer weather.

If you’re reading this and you were at our Galaxy Theatre show opening for Wang Chung on Friday, then I have to tell you thanks very much for your ridiculously nice applause and support! We had such a great time playing for you. The Wang Chung folks were great people too, lots of fun.

The World Cup is off to a pretty slow start. USA v ENG 1-1?!?!?!? I hope USA does very well since they are my adopted country, but being Canadian, ENG is my fallback team of choice since Canada can’t get its football/soccer act together. Luca (our drummer extraordinaire) is supporting his native Italy, but he can’t seem to stop diving to the floor long enough to wave his flag (for those of you who don’t get it, Italian players are notorious for diving during matches, pretending to be fouled and crying to the referee in hopes that the other team will get a yellow card). I have to say, for a country that pretends to be so macho, they’re pretty gay.

So now what? We have a NorthWest tour coming up in about a week. Hopefully that won’t be a huge mess, and even if it is I think it’ll be super fun. Are there any pretty girls in the NorthWest? Have guitar, will travel.

Here are some pictures from our show with Wang Chung:

[nggallery id=15]

Talk to you soon!

All the best,


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