I Just Have To Say

I just have to say, tonight’s show at the Can Can was pure fun. First, Jabi Shriki and his band were super cool and sounded delicious, and they had Eric Stone on bass tonight and it is ALWAYS a treat to hear him play, we didn’t want them to stop.

But they did, and then it was our turn, and we just got right up there and had ourselves a bit of a hoedown, maybe even a hootenanny. Benjamin Rud, Hobbs, BJ, and Phil Hirschi mixed together a little bit of music magic for us tonight; I’ll be soaking it in for a little while. I am very much looking forward to next time…which brings us to:

We’ll see you at Blue Moon on Friday Jan 25, and then we’ll be having a nice little party in Olympia at the Pink Pig on Saturday the 26th, and that show will also be with Jabi. Good frikkin times indeed.

Be good until then.




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