Pacific Northwest Tour: Day 2

Day two, muolto successful. We had a great time with our host family and headed later in the day to San Francisco. SF is such a great city, we need to come back many, many, many times. The Brain Wash was a bar/diner/laundromat (in the back). Just like SF, the Brain Wash was totally eclectic.

Emma should never be allowed to parallel park, unless of course we have an extra 3 hours to kill.

The crowd at the Brain Wash was really fun, dancing, grooving, drunk, young, old, just cool. After the show we headed out and Gabriel ate a whole pizza by himself. We’ll be heading out to by some larger pants for him tomorrow.

Sorry I don’t have more pictures, we had some technical difficulties with our camera. But we’ll definitely take more tomorrow on our way to Portland, Oregon.

[nggallery id=17]

Talk to you tomorrow!


PS. If you want to check out when/where we’re playing on this tour, go here:

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