Peel Off The Sticker

Do you see what’s wrong with this microphone stand?

on-stage stand sticker

I zoomed in to make the problem obvious, somebody forgot to take off the manufacturer sticker from the mic stand. This happens in so many places, it’s tragic. How are we supposed to sing when the “On-Stage” sticker is staring at us the whole time, waiting for us to mess up, reminding us that it’ll still be here on the stage for years to come while we’ve had to move on? Even with its dirty bunched up corners from being manhandled by inconsiderate and drunken sound engineers, the sticker knows it will outlast us all.

Please for the sake of our sanity (and for the sake of your venue not looking like a high school talent show), please peel off the sticker. When you get home, take the manufacturer sticker off your television also.



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