I am an addict. There is a cocktail of heavenly drugs released in my brain and body when I play music for an audience, and I am addicted to it. I crave it, I scheme for it, I obsess over it. I have people sending out emails and making calls so that I can get get my fix. The more people in the audience combined with the energy they give back magnifies the effects of the drugs. That momentary connection is more satisfying than any other drug on the market. Sometimes, the high lasts even for a day or two after a really good show.

There aren’t any headaches or nausea when I’m coming down from the high after a show, but I can definitely get a bit depressed if I don’t have another show coming up right away. Then I start jonesing. Fidgeting. Feel unloved. Sigh. And then I mope. It’s really kind of pathetic. I just sort of wander around and figure nobody wants to hear me play and it’s just a downward spiral from there. 

I want to play music for you every day. I have shows coming up, I’d love to see you and play some rock-and-roll music for you. Darling, what I’m really trying to say, is that I want you to be part of my next fix. And I want to be part of yours.

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