Is That….Is That Aretha?!?!?

“Is that…is that Aretha?!?!”

In the Summer of 2008 I was getting my first record mastered at Capitol Records, it was my first time there and the engineer gave me a tour of the studios. We walked down a hall and one of the doors was shut but I could hear a voice singing that I’ve heard thousands of times before. I turned and said “Is that…is that Aretha?!?!?”, the engineer smiled to confirm and I almost spontaneously combusted in excitement. On the other side of that door was one of the best voices in rock & roll.

Throughout the day I kept walking down the hall hoping the door would open and I could get a glimpse, and sure enough it was wide open later that afternoon. I peered in, but no one was there, and the studio was covered with Christmas decorations. I figured it out quickly, Aretha was recording a holiday album in the middle of Summer and was using the decorations to get in the “spirit”, she was such a pro. I didn’t get to meet her, but knowing I was working down the hall from one of my heroes was truly inspiring.

I heard Aretha left us today, I hope she knows how much we all love her for sharing her voice.



Aretha Might Save Humanity

I had a strange dream that mimicked the Clive Owen movie, ‘Children of Men’, but instead of a woman that was able to have a baby (in a world where a new baby hadn’t been born in a long time) as the catalyst for the story, it was that there was only one person alive who could still sing, and it was Aretha Franklin.

It might actually be true.


Spirit In the Dark

Here we have Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles singing ‘Spirit in the Dark’, I feel like this performance should have brought about a new age of understanding and enlightenment for the human species:

This version is different than the one that ended up on the vinyl record of Aretha live at the Fillmore West with King Curtis, which I think is from another night in the same concert series. I recommend both.