Bernie Sanders Superdelegate Rally This Saturday, Olympia WA

We’re performing at a rally in Olympia WA this Saturday afternoon to get the Democratic Party super-delegates to vote the will of the people and select Bernie Sanders, who won 72% of the vote in Washington. The super delegates are voting for Hillary Clinton, even though the people voted for Bernie Sanders. Join us for a peaceful protest for democracy and the future of America!

Saturday April 16, 2-6PM
Bernie Sanders Super Delegate Rally
Legislative Building
416 Sid Snyder Ave SW
Olympia WA

Saint John and the Revelations at Rally For Bernie Sanders Super Delegates In Olympia WA



Kitsap County WA Bernie Sanders Benefit Friday April 15

Hi! Saint John and the Revelations and Michele Petsch are performing a fun Bernie Sanders benefit show at Mobster Mike’s this Friday, April 15. 8PM, free entry. Come and enjoy some live music and put a little money in the Bernie Bucket! (The ‘Bernie Bucket’ will be a laptop set aside to contribute directly to the Bernie Sanders campaign website)

Saint John and the Revelations Bernie Sanders Benefit


Vote Bernie Sanders

Saint John and the Revelations does not support any U.S. political party, both Democrats and Republicans are too bought and paid for by corporate shareholders, we do however strongly endorse Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. He uses math, common sense, history, science, and compassion, to make his decisions. Bernie Sanders especially supports returning the U.S. to a democracy by removing the ability of billionaires to buy our representatives. Please vote in your state primaries and make sure he wins the Democratic nomination. If you’d like to learn more and find a way to help America win a worthy President, go here:

Bernie Sanders 2016