Happy Birthday Mary Ann!

Happy Birthday to the real singer in Saint John and the Revelations, Mary Ann Miller!

Mary Ann Miller and Saint John LIVE! photo by Laura Johnson

The Earth is a better planet with her on it, and our band is much better with her as a part of it. She also makes super tasty baked mac & cheese.


SJ & Abby & Cory & Phil & Oliver & Sam

Tonight: Happy Birthday Party Variety Show!

Ahoy! Tonight is my happy birthday party variety show at Bernard’s on Seneca (the coolest dive bar in Seattle), and you’re invited. We are having some of Seattle’s best singer-songwriters entertain us, the cheapest booze in town to warm us, and Phil (rock-and-roll cello wizard) will join me on a few songs too, rad times guaranteed!

Friday, April 3
Bernard’s (basement bar of the Hotel Seattle)
315 Seneca

See you tonight!


Johnny Cash

I’ve been talking a bit about Johnny Cash in my shows lately, and today is his birthday, so I figured I’d dig up a performance of his you’ve probably never seen. Johnny Cash used to have a great show on TV where the best music artists would come on and perform and often duet with him. This is a great performance of him from that show with another of my favourite artists, Gordon Lightfoot:

I’d hate to think of what music would be like if Johnny Cash hadn’t ever lived. So I won’t.

Happy Birthday, Johnny Cash, and thanks for showing us how it’s done.