Do You Even Science?

Tonight! In addition to live music and tasty beers, we’ll also be talking about cool new science discoveries at Outer Planet Brewing on Capitol Hill. I especially like cool cosmology news, but please bring whatever you think is interesting and might have an impact on our species.

Outer Planet Brewing
1812 12th Ave #100
Seattle WA
All Ages,
No Cover

Book Recommendation: From Eternity To Here By Sean Carroll

I recently read Sean Carroll’s ‘From Eternity To Here’ and I thought it was a superb explanation of the physics that might lead us to understanding time. But don’t be fooled into thinking it has the answer to “what is time?”, we still don’t have a¬†full understanding, fortunately we do however have General Relativity, Quantum Field Theory, Entropy, and a bunch of other cool theories that Professor¬†Carroll ties together very clearly. It’s very light on math also, in case you happen to have that phobia.

From Eternity To Here By Sean Carroll

‘From Eternity To Here’ also includes bits of interesting history of how we have perceived and explained time and cool stories of the physicists and their discoveries.



Best Worst Link Title Ever

I was on the BBC News website this morning and read this link title: “Lab Maggots Turn To Cannibalism”, and knew that I had to click on it. Out of all the other links on the page, why did I have to click that one? What messed up part of my mind said that link would have the most useful information to me? I guess whoever is editing the science page on BBC News knows her geek audience very well.

So, without further ado, if you’re curious about maggot cannibalism (just like me!) here is your link:

More later, I’m going to see what’s for brekkie.


Universe Baby Pictures

Aw, isn’t he cute?!, here’s a picture of our Universe from about 13.8 billion years ago:

Map of the Universe from the Planck Satellite

That’s not exactly true, some clever scientists took this picture with a microwave camera that can map energy and mass concentrations in the Universe from background radiation from when the Universe was very very young. They are using this data to refine their understanding of how the Universe began with the Big Bang and to figure out how it’s evolving.

BBC News has more info here:

Cool stuff.