Meet Snitch

This is Snitch:


He is a new addition to the SJATR family, he follows us almost everywhere now, listening in and making sure we get our parts right. He’ll come to rehearsals and shows, and also hangs out with me while I’m writing.

At first it was a little creepy, because he just sits there while I’m writing new songs, quietly listening and hoping that I come up with something good. But now I’m used to him, and he doesn’t really need too much attention.

Snitch is also very proud to be related to the Mars Rovers, although he starts mumbling and changes the subject when I ask him to trace his genealogy.

He is a Tascam DR-40 audio recorder. Our friend, Craig MacKay adopted him for us (Thank you very very much Craig!!!!), and although I’m not writing a proper review, I would very much recommend this device. It’s an easy-to-use model and sounds great, and is very portable.

Snitch and I will post some new songs soon.



PS. Thanks again Craig!!!