Spotify or Pandora?

Dear Music Lovers,

Most of you are probably aware that there are two major competing music streaming services out there, Pandora and Spotify. Pandora is cool for discovering new music because they have very smart robot elves in the background learning about what you like and then they recommend songs you may have never heard before by different artists. Fortunately, we have some songs on there so you can try it out:

And then Spotify is cool because they have bazillions of songs in their catalogue that you add to playlists and listen to on demand and share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter etc. If you’re tempted to give Spotify a chance, feel free to add some of our songs to your playlists that you create:

For me it’s not a question of Spotify “or” Pandora, I use both to listen to music because they really are very clever in their own ways. I play Spotify when I want to hear exactly the songs I want to listen to at a given moment, but if I want to sit back and set a mood with perhaps discovering some cool new artists or tunes, then I listen to Pandora.



PS. There are other differences between the two services such as price, sound quality, use of advertisements, etc., but we figure that they more importantly also share one very very valuable quality in that they both enable you to relax and listen to our music when we’re not around to play it for you ourselves.

Spotify, Fans and Artists

I use Spotify all the time, I think it’s cool that for a monthly fee ($10) I can have a huge catalog of music at my fingertips, and artists get paid for every listen. The interfaces is a bit klunky, but the convenience of having so much music in hand makes up for it. AND because it’s a streaming service, I don’t have to keep backing up hard drives of MP3s and trying to figure out what to fit on my iPod.

One of my other favourite things about Spotify is that artists (and therefore engineers, producers, designers, etc etc) get paid for the music that other people are enjoying, and even though right now they get paid very very little, there is promise that as more people sign on then the pay will scale more toward the artist’s favour.

This article from the Independent (thanks Phil!) has a little more info:

I remain skeptical of whether the artists will ever get their fair share, but at least it is better than people listening to music without giving a little bit of support back to the folks who put a lot of time and effort into making that music. Every little bit helps.

The moral of the story, keep listening to lots of music, and thank you for supporting independent artists!


PS. I’m on Spotify too, and you can listen to my music here, and I might even get a few pennies for it!: