#wearitwednesday – Wear Your Local Band T-Shirts

In Seattle there is a very cool local tradition of Seahawks football fans wearing team t-shirts/jerseys on the Friday before a game, they call it Blue Friday. A couple of months ago I floated the idea of putting the same idea out there for wearing local band shirts and swag on a particular day of the week, both local musicians and music fans loved the idea, so this year we’re going to start spreading the word:

Wear your local band t-shirts on Wednesdays. It’ll help spread the word about local music, put a little more money in to the hands of local artists, and it will increase Seattle pride in our local music scene!


#seattlebandwednesday #localbandwednesday


Take pictures of yourself in your local band swag and use the hashtag #wearitwednesday (thank you TBASA!), share it, and let everyone you know you support independent local artists!


PS. If it works here in Seattle, I recommend other cities try it too.

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