Cool Illustration

My friend and superb illustrator, Joshua Boulet, stopped by my happy hour show at Bernard’s on Wednesday and drew a picture of me when I was singing ‘Madman’:

Saint John and the Revelations illustration by Joshua Boulet

Boulet also drew my ‘Welcome’ EP cover, some covers of the Seattle Weekly, and a bunch of other neat projects, he’s super-talented, keep an eye out for his work.



‘Welcome’ EP Cover Art

Good afternoon!

Here is a preview of the cover to the new Saint John and the Revelations EP ‘Welcome’. It’s an homage to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John and a tribute to Seattle for welcoming me so warmly. Illustrated by Joshua Boulet. Limited edition, only 1000 copies.

Saint John and the Revelations 'Welcome' Cover

Seattle area friends, I’m having a CD release party downtown at Bernard’s (the nicest&nastiest dive bar in Seattle) on Friday August 22nd. 8PM, no cover. Come by and get your copy of my new EP and have a fun night of live music!