Seattle Music Scene

I don’t know a lot about the Seattle music scene, I don’t know the right venues to perform in, or the right music blogs to read, or know who is in any music cliques, or even if any of that stuff exists here. I write my songs, I show up some place with my guitar, I sing, and lovely people sing along. I’m a full-time singer-songwriter, if I was trying to impress some fancy bigwigs I’m sure my strategy would be different, but I’m connecting to people through my songs and trying to remind people why live music makes life better. Some local artists say the Seattle music scene sucks, and they could be right, I have no idea. But this town is full of super cool people that need music in their lives, and I’ve made tons of fans here, so I am super grateful, thank you for having me, and I’m looking forward to many more fun shows.