Shows This Weekend July 19-21

Live music lovers, we’ll be out and around Washington this weekend singing and having fun, let’s hang out!

Fri July 19 8:30PM @ Mt Si Pub in North Bend WA

Sat July 20 9PM @ Murphy’s Pub in Seattle WA

Sun July 21 3-5PM @ Deep Draft Brewery in Gorst WA (behind the Wig Wam)

This Week’s Shows April 25-31

Seattle friends, please join me for happy hour at Bernard’s on Wednesday Apr 27, Spencer Carlson is trading sets with me, I think you’ll really dig him. Free entry, cheap booze.

Cool people around Monroe WA, join me at Twin Rivers Brewing Co this Friday, 8PM. Free entry, very delicious food, and superb beers.

Saint John and the Revelations at Twin Rivers Brewing Co in Monroe WA

Seattle Music Scene

I don’t know a lot about the Seattle music scene, I don’t know the right venues to perform in, or the right music blogs to read, or know who is in any music cliques, or even if any of that stuff exists here. I write my songs, I show up some place with my guitar, I sing, and lovely people sing along. I’m a full-time singer-songwriter, if I was trying to impress some fancy bigwigs I’m sure my strategy would be different, but I’m connecting to people through my songs and trying to remind people why live music makes life better. Some local artists say the Seattle music scene sucks, and they could be right, I have no idea. But this town is full of super cool people that need music in their lives, and I’ve made tons of fans here, so I am super grateful, thank you for having me, and I’m looking forward to many more fun shows.


Shows This Week Feb 15

Hi, I have some fun shows this week:

We have a band show this Thursday, Feb 18, at the Queen Anne Beerhall in Seattle WA, 6-8PM. They have delicious beers and food.

And then Mary Ann and I are singing at Mobster Mike’s in Bremerton WA on Friday, Feb 19, 8PM, no cover. Brad Yaeger is also joining us on this one. Super fun.

And stop by for the happiest hour in Seattle at Bernard’s on Wednesday, 5-7PM, no cover. 315 Seneca.

See you soon!


Queen Anne Beerhall Seattle WA Thur Feb 18

For our Seattle live music and beer loving friends, we have a stripped down (instrumentally, not clothing) full band show at the Queen Anne Beerhall on Thursday Feb 18, 6PM, no cover.


We’ll sing for a couple of hours, stop by!


LIVE! Tonight Oct 9 At Spinnaker Bay Brewery In Seattle WA

Good morning! I have a show tonight at Spinnaker Bay Brewery in Seattle WA, I hear their beer is one of the best in Seattle, I’m looking forward to trying it out and singing for a couple of hours, join us!

Fri, Oct 9
Spinnaker Bay Brewery
No Cover
5718 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
(206) 725-2337


Live! Thursday July 2 At Ghostfish Brewery In Georgetown, Seattle

Seattle comrades! I’m singing some songs at Ghostfish Brewery in the Georgetown neighbourhood of Seattle on Thursday, July 2, 7PM, Free!

This brewery is pretty special in that it crafts gluten-free beers for folks with gluten sensitivities. It’s also special because it has live music for you during the week.

Stop by for some songs and beers!


Reminder! Super Rad Band Show At Capitol Cider On Wednesday In Seattle!

We have a band show at a very cool venue on Capitol Hill in Seattle on Wednesday with Phil on cello, BJ on bass, Oliver on drums, and me too!

Capitol Cider
Wednesday, June 10
818 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122

This show is gonna be super good, pinky swear!


Show #200 Tonight At The White Horse Tavern, Seattle WA

Tonight, I am performing for the 200th time this year! I’ll be at the White Horse Tavern with Phil Hirschi on cello, and we’ll perform completely acoustic, no amps or mics.

White Horse Tavern
1908 Post Alley, Seattle (near Kells)
No cover

This is one of the coolest little hidden bars in Seattle, it has a very relaxed old English tavern vibe. I’m going to be celebrating a bit, this is by far the most often I’ve ever performed in a year, and all of the work has been very good for my music, performance ability, and overall well-being.

See you tonight!