Accidents Will Happen


Phil and I had a flat tire on the way back downtown from rehearsal. I think at one point we may have been driving on a surface that isn’t usually considered as “road”, but it was dark and rainy and we really shouldn’t be nit-picky.

Everybody got home safe and sound, and we’ll live to play some rock-and-roll another day, like one of these:


Welcome Back Hobbs!

We had a nice and tidy rehearsal yesterday, and it was good to have Eric “Hobbs” Habermeier (pictured left) back on guitar:

20130114-114013.jpg He was away on holiday in the Dominican Republic, but now he’s returned and glowing with vitamin D.
You can’t make Voltron without the green lion, it’s nice to hear Hobbs’ guitar in the mix again.

We’ll see you on Wednesday at the Can Can under Pike Place Market!


Revelating on a Sunday Afternoon

Dear friends, first off, I started my Sunday with the
realization that Red Rose Speedway by Paul McCartney is on Spotify.
Playlist saved, locked on repeat. And then we had a great rehearsal
this afternoon. This band is fekkin great, come and check out one
of our upcoming shows:

After that, I got back and finished off a new song, and now I’m
just listening to Red Rose Speedway again with a cup of tea and I’m
going to finish a book lent to me by Phil Hirschi (who will be
playing cello at these upcoming shows with us).


As you can probably guess, I like the subject matter of the book.